Ballwash Give A Sack Package Says Nuts to Cancer

Fun, upbeat graphics and self-exam instructions give labeling a key role in testicular-health education.

Kate Bertrand Connolly, Freelance Writer

November 13, 2020

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Ballsy Ballwash Limited Edition Package1-ftd.jpg
Introduced in April 2020 during Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, Ballsy's limited-edition Ballwash designer label was so popular, the company is keeping it throughout 2020.Photo supplied by Ballsy

Each November, the Movember Foundation challenges men to grow a mustache in efforts to raise awareness for men’s health issues, including testicular cancer.

This year, the Ballsy men’s personal-care brand is supporting Movember with its 16-oz Ballwash Give A Sack limited-edition package. The packaging design features custom artwork and instructions that teach men how to examine themselves for testicular cancer. 

Ballsy is donating 25% of the profit from the limited-edition pack to the Movember Foundation, a global charity. Adam Hendle, Ballsy’s founder, answers questions from Packaging Digest about the limited-edition pack and its custom graphics.


Who designed the package graphics the Give a Sack limited-edition package? What is the story behind the light-hearted graphics?

Hendle: For this year’s Give a Sack label, we reached out to artist Craig “Wotto” Watkins. I’ve been a huge fan of his illustration style and work for years and thought he would be the perfect artist to bring this label to life.

The idea behind the label is to bring awareness and education to the issue of testicular cancer by creating an attention-grabbing design through fun illustrations. On the back of the bottle, Craig also illustrated the three key steps to checking yourself for testicular cancer. We truly hope that this fun label helps educate men about how to check for testicular cancer while also bringing a smile to the shower every day.


How does the packaging instruct men on checking for testicular cancer?

Hendle: The back of the label combines custom illustrations with step by-step directions on how guys can check themselves for testicular cancer while in the shower. We hope by having the steps to check yourself in the shower, more guys will take the time and remember to check themselves regularly.


How is the pump bottle decorated?

Hendle: The Give a Sack label is a waterproof, pressure-sensitive label.


During what period will the limited-edition pack be available for sale?

Hendle: Originally the Give A Sack Bottle was only going to be around for April 2020, which is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month; however, due to the popularity of it, we’ve decided to keep it year-round with the plan of working with a different artist each year to create a new label.


How many packages will be produced?

Hendle: As many as we can sell.


Where will they be available for sale?

Hendle: At

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