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Bare redesign simplifies packaging for taste appeal

Article-Bare redesign simplifies packaging for taste appeal

Bare redesign simplifies packaging for taste appeal
Refreshed packaging includes a simplified design and changes to the packaging formats including the debut of a larger stand-up pouch with zipper reseal.

Pouch and bag packaging for Bare Snacks are redesigned with an ingredients-forward, clean-label approach using simplified graphics, a stylized logo and food photography to drive taste appeal.

In a rebranding across its line of healthy snacks packaged in pouches and bags, Bare Snacks’ 2016 packaging redesign focuses on the bare necessities of ingredients and visual elements to drive home taste appeal that starts with a literal blank slate-board background.

“Our modern packaging makeover perfectly expresses our brand promise to consumers in a fresh new way that puts our ingredients front and center," says Dana Ginsburg, director of marketing, Bare Snacks, who responds to our packaging-centered questions in this Q&A:

What was changed and why?

Ginsburg: A fresh new look for our entire portfolio of crave-able, crunchy baked snacks better communicates our dedication to simple, clean ingredients. The new packaging features a modern interpretation of a slate board background coupled with striking real food visuals and a stylized new logo made from our baked fruit chips. The packaging more accurately reflects our commitment to using real ingredients that deliver the satisfying crunch of a chip. Featuring beautiful photography of real apples, coconuts and bananas on the front panel, as well as the new logo, the new packaging is designed to create an iconic brand block on-shelf and drive strong taste appeal while putting the simplicity of the snacks front and center.

The back panel now prominently displays the ingredient listing in large font and notes “The Bare Facts” for each product, such as containing no added oil or preservatives, as well as third-party certifications like the Certified B Corp seal and Non-GMO Project Verified logo.

Our new packaging prominently features third party certifications including the Certified B Corp seal (package back) and Non-GMO Project Verified logo (front and back). We are extremely proud of these certifications, as they reflect our commitment to transparency and our dedication to our community, our employees, and our planet. At Bare Snacks, we’re proud to meet some of the highest standards of transparency, accountability and performance in the industry.

Can you credit the design firm?

Ginsburg: We worked with a local San Francisco Bay Area-based strategic design agency to develop a fresh, new look for bare that reflected the delicious simple goodness of the product inside. Through an iterative design process, the team developed an eye-catching design that expressed our unique brand proposition and created a strong emotional response.

It took us approximately five months from start to finish, including the research and exploration phase, design phase and final mechanical development.

This rebrand was launched as a soft conversion across all SKUs in our product portfolio throughout stores nationwide beginning in January. 

Package back features the Bare Facts and, on this Fiji & Reds Apple Chips pack,  the cleanest possible ingredients statement: Apples.

Was there any adjustment to the pouch?

Ginsburg: Bare has continued to work with the same partner pouch suppliers through this transition.  During the rebrand process, we introduced a larger stand-up gusseted bag with a resealable zipper for our Apple Chips, Coconut Chips, and new Banana Chips.  This reflected consumer demand for a larger, multi-serve offering.  We continue to offer our cornerstone Apple Chips in smaller pillow pack options and a larger family size, as well as a smaller sized stand up gusset bag for our Coconut Chips.

Bare Snacks works with a diverse group of globally-distributed suppliers, both in the U.S. and other countries, who are committed to high quality standards and uphold our business values. 

Can you comment on feedback for the rebranding?

Ginsburg: Our consumers have come to know and love bare for our simple baked snacks. During the design process, we sat down with consumers to understand what they loved about the brand and how we could express it with our design.  The simple answer was “less is more.”  We streamlined and simplified our design, and focused on showcasing the delicious, real ingredients and satisfying crunch inside. Since the revamp, consumer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Our social media accounts have been flooded with supportive comments and retailers love the new, bold look. We were able to create a unique, arresting brand block on shelf—which drives consumer awareness and purchase—and retailers have responded tremendously.

Bare snacks are available nationwide in natural and grocery stores including Whole Foods Market, Sprouts and Safeway as well as national retailers such as Target, Costco and Amazon with suggested retail prices ranging from of $0.99-$4.99. Visit for more information.

What I liked best: The use of the chips to boldly spell out the bare name so prominently on the bag front is an ingeniously simple way to provide instantly recognizable brand equity.


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