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Rick Lingle in Packaging Design on May 20, 2015



Diadeis handled the design for the Orangina bottle, which won the 2014 Brand Identity GrandPrix in the Beverage Packaging category.


Please comment on the challenges associated with the growing number of stock-keeping units (SKUs).

Tessier: More and more aggressive promotion from brands has resulted in this high number of SKUs, and it’s not likely that this trend will change any time soon.

This number of SKUs cannot be managed without a solid workflow system to support both marketing and operations. At Diadeis, our workflow system is called Mediabox, which we developed to provide complete visibility into the entire packaging production process. 

For example, major clients like Nestlé, Danone and L’Oréal use Mediabox to efficiently manage and streamline their Graphic Chain process. Mediabox gives these brands an online connected workflow and approval platform that includes an integrated digital asset management system.

In 2014, we have managed more than 20,000 SKUs in Mediabox.


Technology is increasingly shaping package design. What role does technology play in helping to improve the production processes?

Tessier: The complexity of packaging and the global reach of brands mean that the number of inputs and production sites has multiplied. Today, no company can manage this process without the right technology, specifically, the right workflow technology. A good workflow solution can streamline the packing process and ensure everything runs efficiently and produces quality results.

Mediabox, which is our own workflow solution, gives users the tools to manage each part to the process including planning, coordination, approval and archiving of projects.


What advice do you have for those brands and package designers who want to get the most out of their production process?

Tessier: We just talked about technology, but I’ll mention it again because it is critical. Technology has always been a priority for our company, and I believe it needs to be a priority for anyone involved in packaging production today.

I also see that packaging is global, but it is also local. Brands are distributing their products on a global scale, so they need resources that have global expertise and partnerships in the region. In the age of social media, everything is local. Mistakes are no longer just a local issue—everyone can see and share when things go wrong. Packaging must always be of good quality and ensure brand identity is maintained, wherever the package is produced.

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