Bottle cap keeps beverage ingredients fresh until tea time

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Bottle cap keeps beverage ingredients fresh until tea time

The patented "Gizmo Closure and Delivery System"—a pressurized bottle cap design that infuses a drink with fresh, preservative-free ingredients upon opening—has been used for the first time with Tea of a Kind beverages.

Tea of a Kind launches at a pivotal point in the beverage industry, when there is a growing demand for premium, ready-to-drink teas but few options available that are free of preservatives and artificial additives. With flavor profiles including Peach Ginger Black Tea, Citrus Mint Green Tea and Pomegranate Acai White Tea, Tea of a Kind is 100 percent natural brewed tea, packed with antioxidants and contains only 20 calories per 16-oz bottle.

The Gizmo Closure and Delivery System holds the tea's active ingredients in a pressurized nitrogen chamber, keeping them whole and preserved without the use of chemical preservatives. The chamber defends them against things like UV light, oxidation and other damaging conditions that degrade nutrients in most pre-mixed beverages. Once the cap is twisted, the ingredients burst into the bottle and self-mix, creating a color change and a visual confirmation that the drink is fresh and ready to consume.

Tea of a Kind marks the first application of the Gizmo technology by Gizmo Beverages, run by the duo of founder/CEO, Don Park, and co-founder and president, Walter Apodaca.

It was Park who discovered the first incarnation of the Gizmo in Scotland while researching innovative products for the consumer market. Brainstorming off the simple idea that he could use it to mix fresh lime juice into beer, Park recognized the potential of the design in the beverage industry. He sought out and hired the product's inventor, and took charge of research and development to create a Gizmo prototype for beverages.

Once the engineering of the Gizmo was well underway, Park officially created Gizmo Beverages, and set out to scout the ideal company leader. He appointed Walter Apodaca as president in 2010, drawing on his expertise from a 20-year career in the beverage industry.

Apodaca, who had worked his way up from loading beverage trucks to become an executive with Coca-Cola Enterprises, Coors Brewing Co. and MillerCoors, realized the vast potential and consumer need for the Gizmo technology. Apodaca had been involved in hundreds of practical innovations and creative solutions in the beverage sector—including the wildly successful cold activated blue mountains on Coors Light cans/bottles and functional innovations like RedBull and Rock Star energy drinks. He compares the launch of this cap technology to the revolutionary impact the aluminum can had on the beverage industry.

"I'm a part of something that transcends technology and our generation," Apodaca explains. "We'll feel proud to have brought great tasting, healthy, all natural, preservative-free options to the market."

It wasn't just the spirit of innovation and a keen business prowess that brought the two men together. Both Park and Apodaca struggled with serious illnesses that were a direct result of a poor diet including sugary soft drinks and fast food. Through a commitment to dietary mindfulness, healthy choices and elimination of chemically processed foods, both were able to steer their health back on track. This amplified their commitment to make Tea of a Kind all natural, and also to ensure that any future licensing applications for the Gizmo are in line with the Gizmo Beverages "moral compass."

As word of the Gizmo technology got out, Park and Apodaca were approached by some of the largest cola and pharmaceutical companies in the world with large financial offers to license the Gizmo for use in their products. The duo decided it was more important to retain their steadfast commitment to health and wellness then to turn a quick and easy profit. They continue to entertain licensing opportunities from various sources, but refuse to lend the technology to any source who may exploit it with unhealthy applications.

"The commitment comes from a desire to enrich the next generation, not poison them blindly!" laughs Park. "I know I can give this drink to my kids and feel good about it. That is what keeps me excited," he continues. "It's good for you and it's good for me. That's the goal."

Tea of a Kind will be available online at and at local grocery retailers nationwide later this year. Text the word "tea" to 67777 for a product demonstration.

Source: Tea of a Kind


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