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Box wine gets its own website

Article-Box wine gets its own website

From time to time I feature boxed wine package designs in this blog. And with good reason – as this packaging form evolves and gains greater acceptance, the designs are starting to really get quite interesting.

It’s clear that box wine is moving beyond the cheap-spirits-in-bulk stigma that has marked it for years. There are some really nice packages, and they’re being used to contain pricier and pricier wines.

Okay, before all the glass folks jump all over me, I’m not saying “boxes” (there are now cylinders and many other shapes) will ever replace glass completely. I think they both have their place.

But the users of alternative packaging for wine are starting to assert themselves more as a united front, much like glass packaging manufacturers have done for years. As evidence of that, check out this press release I got the other day.

And while you’re at it, check out the site it talks about – lots of really nice packaging featured.

Because Packaging Digest focuses on the latest innovations in the packaging industry, I would like to inform you of, a fun, interactive website dedicated to everything and anything about boxed wine. Visitors to the website will be able to learn why boxed wine is good and discover new wineries offering their wines in bag-in-box. provides a growing, global list of all wines that are available boxed.  Visitors are also encouraged to rate and comment on wines they’ve tried and participate on the discussion boards. 

This website also has dedicated sections for wineries, bars & restaurants, distributors and the media. Each of these sections provided targeted messages that explain the benefits of bag-in-box wine to their tier of the distribution network.


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