Bubbly box shows off effervescent powder

Jack Mans, Plant Operations Editor

January 29, 2014

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Bubbly box shows off effervescent powder



Seeking a way to extend its proprietary effervescent technology, Tower Laboratories turned to strategic branding firm CBX (www.cbx.com) to help innovate new product ideas. Through extensive ideation sessions, CBX helped zero in on the category of proactive health and hydration for application of Tower’s technology. The brand that grew out of this research, which is named YZ (pronounced “wise”), consists of “All Natural Hydravescent Crystals” that are added to water to foster good health. Once the concept was solidified, CBX brought the brand to life by creating the positioning, logo, name and package design. Outthink (www.outthink.com),Tower Brands’ marketing firm, developed innovative ways to introduce it to the target audience.

“The name, YZ, speaks to the fact that this is an intelligent choice for health-conscious consumers,” says Gregg Lipman, managing partner, CBX. “By placing the YZ name inside a circle logo and surrounding it with bubbles, we’ve established an iconic visual that links back to the effervescent nature of the product.”

Henry McInerney, CEO of Tower Brands, agrees with this brand positioning. “While there are many other water-enhancing products on the market, the effervescent bubbles in YZ are actually better, as they help to disperse ingredients quickly and evenly.” YZ flavors are packaged in a box filled with seven flavor “stick” packets. A color-coded logo and benefit bar—green for the Antioxidant packs, orange for the Immunity packs and yellow for the Digestive Health packs—makes it easy to understand the benefits and clearly differentiate the products from one another.

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