January 29, 2014

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Bundle inverter

151865-iconotech_inverter_v2.jpgIconotech’s Bundle Inverter 3636 is designed to make four-panel printing possible with the company’s case printing systems. Inserted between two Iconotech Case Printers, the Iconotech Bundle Inverter 3636 facilitates four-panel printing by collecting the cases from the first printer, inverting and inserting them into the second printer without adding labor. 

As an example of how the Bundle Inverter 3636 can be used, the company points to a system that uses two Optimizer case printers and restackers with the Bundle Inverter 3636 in-between. In this application, both Optimizers are outfitted with strip feeders to accommodate a wide range of case sizes. An operator places bundles of flat cases into the first Optimizer case printer. Cases pass under the print cylinder which imprints a major and a minor panel and exit to a re-stacker where they are collected in batches of sixteen cases and sent to the inverter. Once in the inverter, the cases are squared, gripped by the cut edges and rotated 165 degrees where the clamps open and the cases are deposited directly into the magazine of the second Optimizer for printing the other two panels. 

Both machines are completely synchronized but can be run independently as well. Cases exiting the second machine are batched in a traditional bundle size of 25.  One operator can run this system at an operating speed of 60 cases per minute, says the company.

Iconotech; 800/521-0194.  www.iconotech.com

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