Cantilevered butt splicer

Linda Casey

January 29, 2014

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Cantilevered butt splicer
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The Model S-900AB-ACV-EG Automatic Butt Splicer is designed for splicing a range of materials from tag, label, board and film stocks to other thick or double-ply materials. Its heavy-duty cantilevered unwind design accepts rolls with diameters as large as 48 in. Because the web accumulator is a separate piece, the accumulator can be placed to the left or right side of the splicer, which allows the Model S-900AB-ACV-EG to work in either direction with a diversion roller change.

The machine come standard with automatic “gapless” butt splicing with tape applied to each side of a web. It can be optionally configured to make one-side splices, with the tape always on the same side, without turreting the unwind rolls.

The co. offers the Model S-900AB-ACV-EG for a range of roll sizes, line speeds and other process requirements, including CE compliance and in-register splicing. Other machine options include automatic web guiding and driven unwind spindles for low tension applications.

CTC Intl., 973/228-2300.

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