Cello replacement

January 29, 2014

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Cello replacement


The co. says its latest twist-wrap development, WrapStar(R), is a newly developed material designed to compete directly with cellophane in terms of price and performance. The 5-layer cast-modified, high-crystalline PE-based film was developed in conjunction with German sister co., Ebert Folien. WrapStar is said to exhibit excellent twist and deadfold properties and features high clarity and gloss. The film is heat-sealable and works well on cut-and-wrap machines and folding applications for confections such as caramels and salt-water taffy. Three years in the making, the film resists becoming brittle after a few months, and leadtimes can be counted in weeks or even days from the just-in-time supplier. Comes in clear, printed, metallized and stripe-metallized versions in three grades: TWN250 with a yield of 25,000 sq in./lb or 28 gr/m2; TWN225 with a yield of 22,500 sq in./lb or 31 gr/m2; and TWN195, yielding 19,500 sq in./lb or 36 gr/m2. A white film will be added soon.

Multifilm Packaging Corp.,

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