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Cheeky Toilet Paper Packaging Helps Wipe Out Toilet Inaccessibility

Toilet paper company Who Gives a Crap is on a mission to improve sanitation and bring toilets to those lacking them, globally. It’s using limited-edition packaging to highlight the problem in a fun way, with half the profits going to sanitation projects.

Who Gives a Crap, a sustainable toilet paper company based in Australia, takes sanitation and the environment seriously, but it is not above a little potty humor in its marketing and packaging design.

Thus, the whimsical new Where’s the Loo limited-edition packaging for Who Gives a Crap’s 100% bamboo toilet paper highlights the global problem of toilet inaccessibility while visually delighting consumers.

Graphics on the limited edition’s paper wrappers and secondary packaging are playful and engaging, featuring global locales that range from New York City to the Great Wall of China. Each of the 12 puzzle-like wrapper designs incorporates a hidden toilet for consumers to discover. Artist Owen Lindsay designed the graphics.

The limited edition’s imagery shines a light on the scarcity of toilets in many parts of the world and related health and sanitation issues. Who Gives A Crap, which is B Corp-certified, donates 50% of its profits to sanitation projects worldwide. The website touts, “While you hunt for our lost loo, you’re helping others gain access to a loo, too.”

Photo supplied by Who Gives A Crapwho_gives_a_crap_limited_edition_box_2021_wherestheloo_20-web.jpg

The Where’s the Loo limited edition offers consumers a case of 48 individually wrapped rolls of three-ply bamboo toilet paper for $54. Artwork on the outside of the ecommerce shipper — and on the inside, as well — matches the wrapper graphics.

“There’s nothing better than a surprise,” says Danny Alexander, co-founder and chief of product and purpose at Who Gives A Crap. “We printed the inside of this box to add to the delight and make the whole experience of unpackaging your toilet paper a joy.”

He adds, “Our standard 100% bamboo and 100% recycled toilet paper do not come with boxes that are designed on the inside, but given this is our limited edition, we wanted to add something extra cheeky to the inside.”

All of the company’s products are made from renewable materials. In addition to 100% bamboo toilet paper, Who Gives a Crap sells 100% recycled toilet paper, 100% bamboo tissues, paper towels made from a blend of bamboo and sugarcane, and reusable 100% plant-based cleaning cloths.

“Once upon a time, to buy a product that was better for the environment meant you had to make big compromises. They cost more, didn’t work as well, and they were, quite frankly, boring,” Alexander says.

“At Who Gives A Crap, we try to flip that on its head,” he adds. “Buying toilet paper that’s better for the planet should be delightful, not laden with compromises, and this limited edition really reflects that philosophy. Not only does it look great in your bathroom, but it’s incredibly fun to explore the details in the packaging and find the missing loo!”

The limited edition is available worldwide. US consumers can order it online from Who Gives a Crap.

Photo supplied by Who Gives A Crapwho_gives_a_crap_limited_edition_box_2021_wherestheloo_Shipper-web.jpg

Click on the slideshow to see all 12 Where's the Loo? wrapper designs.

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