Clear-barrier films

Linda Casey

January 29, 2014

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Clear-barrier films
Torayfan CBH and CBHL clear-barrier BOPP films are engineered to provide faster processing, better hermetic seals and improved moisture-barrier protection.



Torayfan CBH and CBHL clear-barrier BOPP films

The Torayfan CBH and CBLH biaxially-oriented clear-barrier PP films are designed to be used as mono-webs and as alternatives to PVdC-coated film. The Torayfan CBH film's advanced friction properties are engineered to create a low coefficient of friction (CoF), which can enable faster processing on high-speed Vf/f/s and Hf/f/s equipment. CBH film also eliminates the need for over-lacquers used to maintain a low CoF, and therefore provides an inherent economic advantage. CBH film's low seal-initiation temperature (SIT) and broad heat-seal window further expedite processing and manufacturing. The CBLH film has the same characteristics as CBH film in addition to an improved sealant layer that is designed to provide greater seal strength and a better hermetic seal. 

The company says, both CBH film and CBLH film are twice as effective in protecting against moisture-vapor transmission when compared to standard BOPP films and that better hermetic seals and improved barrier protection help maintain product freshness and brand integrity.


Toray Plastics (America) Inc., 401-294-4511.


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