Colored-aluminum cans

March 11, 2015

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Colored-aluminum cans


The co. says its line of colored-aluminum cans is being offered for packers looking for a new way to grab consumer attention. The two-pc, aluminum draw/redraw (DRD) cans are available in a wide variety of translucent color choices for maximum shelf appeal and differentiation. The capability can also be extended to can ends and tabs, providing a platform for a multicolored marketing statement, the co. adds. The pigment is added to the coating, which is applied with a coil coater. The aluminum is delivered to the canmaker's plant in the form of coils, ready to be drawn and redrawn into cans (a coil of rolled aluminum is fed into a cupping press that cuts a disc, then draws it into a cup. The cup is drawn a second time to acquire its final shape and bottom). The new can-color options are expected to create a wide palette from which to choose. Packers may also benefit from the added capability of being able to color-match or contrast both can ends and tabs, the co. reports. This extends marketing/differentiation color combinations to a new level. The color capability complements the co.'s Quick Top® easy-opening (EZO), full-panel ends.

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