Compostable ‘crafted’ cartons perform for artisan food brand

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Packaging Design on September 25, 2017

New packaging for No Evil Foods entire line of plant-based meat alternatives is more durable and eye-catching than before—and 100% compostable now to better fit with the company’s environmental vision and make it easy for consumers to dispose of the packaging, even in a home compost.

Previously, the company wrapped its products with butcher paper, which were sealed with pressure-sensitive labels. Jamie Cook, public relations specialist for No Evil Foods, explains, “Our previous package was butcher paper wrapped around the product with a sticker on the front and back, the stickers were not biodegradable and made it difficult to compost the rest of the package.”

Now, there are no stickers or labels on the package that would prevent it from being composted.

The new biodegradable Kraftpak carton board, supplied by KapStone Corp., is unbleached kraft, printed with plant-based ink and sealed with water-soluble adhesives.

The carton’s unique fold-out design re-creates the feeling of unwrapping from the original butcher-paper wrapper. Cook says, “Each of the boxes opens in an origami style to simulate the same unwrapping that took place with our previous packaging.”

The Product Regulatory Compliance Information about this particular cartonboard goes on for six pages. The cartonboard meets the requirements of the European Standard for Packaging EN13432 for biodegradability, recyclability and compostability—giving consumers easy options for environmentally friendly disposal options.

“We are making sure to inform our consumers that the packaging is compostable,” Cook says. “One of the inside flaps carries the 100% Compostable distinction.”

The new packaging is just out in stores now, but it’s already getting recognition. The Comrade Cluck “No-Chicken” design won the NEXTY Award for Best New Packaging Innovation. This awards program for Natural Products Expo East recognizes innovative leaders in the natural products industry.

“Our new design illustrates our commitment to environmental responsibility in a really fun way. [The graphics are] bold and edgy and unlike anything we've seen in the alternative-meat space before, all while showing off our personality as a brand,” says No Evil Foods co-founder Sadrah Schadel.



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