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ConAgra's new tray exceeds in two areas

ConAgra's new tray exceeds in two areas
ConAgra tray

ConAgra tray

ConAgra Foods, in partnership with Graphic Packaging Intl., has launched a new premium frozen-food tray incorporating two innovative technologies; DesignerWare, a paperboard/plastic hybrid, and MicroRite, which provides shielding and even-heating benefits to frozen meals heated in the microwave.

This combination of technologies provides breakthrough sustainable packaging with unsurpassed microwave cooking performance.

DesignerWare is a paperboard/plastic hybrid which incorporates many of the features of both. The paperboard body of the tray replaces up to 55 percent of the non-renewable plastic with renewable paperboard. The tray can be printed with up to six-color offset graphics, eliminating the need for a secondary carton in many applications, a further source reduction. The injection-molded frame provides additional stiffness, impact resistance and the possibility for a high-barrier package for chilled and non-food applications.

MicroRite technology provides shielding and even-heating benefits to frozen meals; managing the available microwave energy reducing cook time, dehydration, over cooked edges and cool centers.

The combination of DesignerWare and MicroRite in this single package provides ConAgra with a unique and innovative package unmatched in the frozen food aisle.

"We are continually innovating in the microwave area in response to consumer and customer insights," says Jeff Voyzey, business development manager for Graphic Packaging. "We are proud of the unsurpassed cooking performance of MicroRite and the reduction of non-renewable petroleum based plastics provided by our DesignerWare trays."

Source: Graphic Packaging


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