Cool bottle delivers 'refresh-mint'

January 29, 2014

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Cool bottle delivers 'refresh-mint'

Sleek and simple, packaging for new Metromint® all-natural "mint water" from Soma Beverage Co., LLC, San Francisco, is as crisp and clear as the peppermint-infused water it holds. Available in select stores nationwide, Metromint was designed by husband and wife team and self-described beveragistas™ Scott Lowe and Rio Miura to take advantage of the natural cooling sensation provided by mint. "Not only does peppermint provide rapid refreshment and an instant cooling sensation, it also provides several all-natural benefits," says Miura. "Mint calms the nerves, soothes and revives the body, stimulates the brain, energizes the senses, increases the appetite, and aids in digestion.

"In addition, the natural menthol in Metromint freshens the breath, and can reduce inflammation in the nasal passages and clear congestion related to colds and allergies."

Metromint's ingredients comprise "pure, crystal-clear water," says Soma, along with mint grown in Washington State's fertile Yakima Valley. There are no sweeteners, calories, carbohydrates or preservatives used in the beverage.

Miura, who has experience in product and fashion design, created the recipe and the packaging for Metromint. She tells PD that in designing the tall, slim 16.9-oz bottle, she was attempting to convey "an urban feel that's hip, modern and fresh." She adds, "My background is in jewelry design and fashion, so I am always interested in creating something new and exciting that has never been done before."

The bottle is made from a clear polyethylene terephthalate supplied by a proprietary molder and is capped by a clear, breakaway, CT closure from Alcoa Closure Systems Intl. ( The label is made from a metallized biaxially oriented polypropylene, converted by Brook & Whittle Ltd. ( Graphics include rows of aqua-blue dots along the left-hand side of the bottle and a stylized "m" at the top, center. A green peppermint-leaf illustration in the middle of the label identifies the water as having a mint flavoring.

According to Miura, Metromint has received an enthusiastic response from "thirsty kids, urban trendsetters, cubicle dwellers and soccer moms looking for quick refreshment." Last year, she relates, the product won one of BevNet's Best of 2004 new product awards. Next year will see the introduction of line extensions and new sizes. Metromint is priced from $1.29 to $2 per bottle.

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