Cream cheese debuts in a can

January 29, 2014

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Cream cheese debuts in a can

While it may be old-fashioned, a provider of refrigerated and shelf-stable cheese products in Mayville, WI, has come up with a clearly contemporary way of handily dispensing cream cheese. Old Fashioned Foods' new Ready Fresh™ Cream Cheese Spread is packaged in a 5-oz aerosol can that lets consumers easily apply the creamy product to crackers, bagels or any other favorite food item.

According to Debbi Gasper, Old Fashioned Foods' sales service manager, the three-variety line was developed in response to a need in the marketplace for “an easy way to apply cream cheese, similar to the 'aerosol cheese' for crackers, which the company also makes,” and was introduced several months ago. It is currently being sold in regional grocery store chains, such as Piggly Wiggly and Sentry Foods, for approximately $2.50 per can.

Packaging for Ready Fresh comprises an aluminum can (supplier unknown) with a wraparound label that distinguishes each flavor—Regular, Onion & Chive and Strawberry. Standard plastic overcaps are color-coordinated to each variety, as well. While the product is not shelf-stable, it does have a refrigerated shelf life of one year.

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