Emulsion polymer

January 29, 2014

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Emulsion polymer

Airflex EF9100 is an emulsion polymer that is inherently oleophobic and is suited for paper and paperboard applications that require grease- and oil-resistance. Water-based and environmentally friendly, the polymer also exhibits good solvent resistance and good water holdout, the co. reports, and it has received FDA clearance for direct and indirect food contact. The emulsion is nonblocking, repulpable and recyclable. It can be applied as either a clear or pigmented coating, through a variety of methods, including size press treatment, rod or blade-metering surface coating, printing, spray application and curtain coating. Substrates coated with the emulsion can be dried by conventional methods such as infrared or air-flotation systems. Applications include auto parts, hardware and cement packaging, as well as dryfood and petfood packaging and use as quickservice wraps and containers.

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