February flaunts 5 fabulous packaging design developments

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Packaging Design on March 08, 2017

The month of February wasn’t short on new packaging designs and sustainability issues that captured the attention of our global audience—from Frito-Lay’s smart packaging and water in bulk, to rejected potato chips, ecommerce optimization and artsy craft beer.

From around two dozen articles published on PackagingDigest.com during February 2017, these five rose to the top, based on page views. We present them in reserve order, counting up to the top.


5. Uglies makes rejected potatoes stylishly sustainable

How can Americans waste less food? Here’s one way. Instead of throwing out slightly imperfect products, the folks at Dieffenbach’s Potato Chips Inc. are marketing these off-spec rejects as “value” chips with a packaging design that flaunts their flaws. In doing so, the company guesstimates it might save more than one million pounds of potatoes from the landfill.

Mike Marlowe, chief operating officer, says, “We’ve seen a broad appeal for this product. Some are buying for the savings, while others are drawn to it for the environmentally-conscious side. In the end, they buy it because it is a ‘truly enjoyable snack.’”

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