First stainless steel container for whiskey reflects Stillhouse brand’s independence

in Packaging Design on March 11, 2016

A recently launched line of corn whiskeys from Stillhouse Spirits Co. makes a statement, thanks to a packaging design that combines bold colors and contemporary graphics with a rigid container made of stainless steel rather than glass.

The Stillhouse Original Moonshine package is an angular red can with a screw cap. Color-coded labels differentiate the six varieties in the product line, which include Stillhouse Original clear corn whiskey and five infused-whiskey flavors: Red Hot, Coconut, Apple Crisp, Mint Chip and Peach Tea. The products launched in February.

In addition to making a splash visually, the 750-mlcan is unbreakable, so it’s suitable for pool parties and other out-of-home occasions. Brad Beckerman, founder and CEO of Stillhouse Spirits Co., answers a few questions about the packaging.


Is the Stillhouse can a stock container, or was it custom designed?

Beckerman: The Stillhouse can is a proprietary container that was created and developed from scratch. It is not an off-the-shelf can.


Why did Stillhouse choose this style of can?

Beckerman: We wanted to create something disruptive that has never been done before. Back in the prohibition days, whiskey was stored in alternative vessels. Inspired by the creativity from that time, we developed this can as a reflection of our independent spirit and brand personality.


Are there any tamper-evident features on the closure?

Beckerman: Yes. There is a strip stamp that covers the closure and a clear shrink seal.


How is the package decorated?

Beckerman: The can is lacquered, and the front label and strip (both pressure-sensitive) are hand applied. The front label wraps around one side.


How have consumers responded to the package?

Beckerman: The consumer response has been overwhelmingly positive. The unprecedented level of demand enabled Stillhouse to sell out of its inaugural production.


Can you mention any of your packaging suppliers or packaging design firm?

Beckerman: As you can appreciate, this information is proprietary.


To your knowledge, is this the first metal packaging for a whiskey brand?

Beckerman: This 100% stainless steel package is a spirits industry first.


Is this a new launch or a packaging redesign?

Beckerman: This is a re-imagination from the inside out.



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my first reaction is that the can looks like turpentine. Is there a polymer layer to prevent the moonshine from picking up a metallic taste?
It's stainless... No taste from can!
Good read! Here's another article thats pretty interesting about Brad
We bought one of these for a Lions Christmas gift exchange. The novel packaging is why we bought it.
Do you get your water from the mighty duck River? That water is worse than lake Erie!