February 4, 2014

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FMI serves up innovations


Friazos™, the latest BLUE BUNNY® innovation from Wells' Dairy, are low-labor, high-margin, dazzling, layered desserts that practically prepare themselves. A perfectly proportioned dessert in a specially designed paperboard cup, Friazos are upscale center-of-the-plate ice cream desserts that don't require center-of-the-kitchen preparation. Waitstaff can plate Friazos in seconds–at their stations–saving time and labor. Luscious layers of BLUE BUNNY ice cream, rich mousses, decadent sauces and crunch candy or cookie toppings appeal to sight and taste. And flavors like Cookie Craze™, Caramel Pecan Passion™, Key Lime Melt Down™, Peanut Butter panic™ and Double Fudge Frenzy™ are irresistible. Friazos are packed 12 eight-oz cups in each case. To serve the product, the server peels off the foil membrane that is heat-sealed across the top of the paperboard container and inverts the Friazo cup onto a plate. Pressing the paperboard center panel inside the bottom of the cup pushes the Friazo out of the container. The server then removes the bottom of the product.

Crustless sandwiches just need heating
Uncrustables® are a new line of microwaveable, crustless grilled cheese sandwiches from The J.M. Smucker Co. that taste like homemade. Smucker takes creamy cheese and seals it inside perfectly toasted white bread. Then, in Uncrustables fashion, the crust is removed to create a signature crustless sandwich. The sandwiches, which are packaged individually in plastic, are frozen to lock in the fresh homemade taste, and can be prepared in the microwave in less than a minute or placed in a conventional or toaster oven.

147074-0703webfmi9.jpg "While grilled cheese has long been one of America's favorite sandwiches, it can be time-consuming and downright messy to make," says communications director Brenda Dempsey. "Smucker's Grilled Cheese Uncrustables are 'grilled cheese with ease!' All you have to do is place it in the microwave for 30-40 seconds, and you have a grilled cheese sandwich that tastes like homemade."

In addition to foodservice, Uncrustables are also available in four-pack cartons for the retail market.


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