Free-thinking students jolt paradigms and open minds

David Bellm

January 29, 2014

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Free-thinking students jolt paradigms and open minds


Reality bites. Probably nobody knows that simple fact better than packaging designers. Anyone who designs packaging for a living can rattle off dozens of times when truly great ideas got squelched in minutes by a dizzying interplay of different considerations — costs, materials, deadlines, client ignorance, sustainability, brand legacy, or just plain old fear.

And that’s what makes student work such a treat. Although most student packaging-design assignments have limitations imposed by the instructor, students are still relatively unfettered. They’re essentially free to pour out great ideas that challenge conventions and rethink packaging in a manner that’s often not possible in the crucible of real world limitations.

Yeah, sometimes the results of this freedom are pretty crazy — many students display a startling disdain for real-world production considerations. But that’s the joy of it. This is the laboratory of packaging design. It’s what runway shows are to fashion design. It’s not supposed to all make sense. It’s about trends, free thinking, wide-open ideas.

One of the best places to see a steady succession of great student work is The Dieline. The site frequently gets submissions from some of the world’s most promising students, making it one of the best showcases for what’s in the mind of tomorrow’s packaging designers.



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