Fruit-shaped, colored cap juices up the OJ at Tropicana

January 29, 2014

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Fruit-shaped, colored cap juices up the OJ at Tropicana

Tropicana Products, a div. of PepsiCo., Inc., New York, has redesigned the gabletop carton for its Pure Premium orange juice brand, as part of an integrated marketing/advertising campaign, with new graphics and a proprietary, orange-colored spout-cap that's shaped like a half-orange. The change was made to provide a visual sign of the brand's natural, healthful benefits, the company says.

Also intended to rejuvenate the category, the new look will also be branded 100-percent orange, which will be featured as a bold new graphic on all of the packaging, as a way of reminding consumers that Tropicana is fresh-squeezed from oranges and has no added sugar or preservatives. Retiring Tropicana's longtime straw-in-the-orange logo and graphic design, the sleek revamp still features a plain white background but now incorporates a vignette of a large glass filled with orange juice covering two side panels. Sleek and simple, the elements focus on quality of the contents with the single image communicating a contemporary and bold new scheme. Tropicana says that proprietary technology went into the halved-orange “squeeze-and-twist” cap, which replaces a more conventional threaded closure covering the pour-spouts on the top of its cartons. The graphics were created with help from design and brand creation firm, Arnell Group (

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