Gangster Theme Spice Packaging – Very Cool

David Bellm

March 11, 2015

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Gangster Theme Spice Packaging – Very Cool

In my usual web surfing, I came across this very nice design for spice packaging, featured on the blog Lovely Package. They were created by Chicago-based brand and marketing consultancy MondoVox Creative Group

It’s a nice piece, and the look plays well with the clever product names, which include “Cooking the Books,” “Rub-Out-Rub,” and “On The Lamb.”

Here’s what MondoVox’s website says about the design:

CCC Brands is a specialty foods product manufacturer in Chicago providing diverse products for both wholesale and retail.

CCC was coming out with a new line of retail spice blends and meat rubs for the gift and specialties market. The line followed a theme of gangster activity in Chicago in the ’20s and ’30s.

CCC asked MondoVox to develop a branded approach for the product line which would be called “The Spice Outfit.” Working closely with CCC Brands, MondoVox created a look and feel that’s historical in look with tongue-in-cheek mafia references to appeal to the target demographic of mob aficionados.

The product comes in reusable gift tins with clear windows showing the product, making store merchandising colorful and tantalizing. The labels and inserts provide both product information and insider jokes appropriate to the audience.

Check out the whole line of stuff at CCC’s website for The Spice Outfit.


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