Gillette shave-gel package says ‘no’ to messes, rust and guessing

By Kate Bertrand Connolly in Packaging Design on February 23, 2015

Gillette is taking personal care packaging in a new direction, with a plastic rigid container for shave gel that addresses several irritants men deal with when shaving. The packaging design for Gillette’s Fusion ProGlide Sensitive 2-in-1 Shave Gel Plus Skin Care products eliminates nozzle leaks and rust that can mar bathroom surfaces, as well as uncertainly about how much gel remains in the package.

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In a recent online survey of 300 American men, Gillette learned just how meaningful it would be to eliminate these sources of mess and frustration. Fully 46% of the respondents wanted to avoid shaving messes, 39% wished to prevent rust rings and 48% wanted a way to know how much gel was left in the can. Further, 35% said shaving messes frequently caused arguments with their partner.

To overcome these issues, Gillette designed a shave-gel package that differs in almost every way from the aerosol cans historically used in the shaving category. For starters, the body of the new shave-gel package is a rigid container made almost entirely of plastic, so there’s no possibility of rust.

The transparent, colorless container is decorated with a full-body shrink label that’s printed with a combination of matte and gloss effects. The matte areas offer fingertip appeal via soft-touch tactility.

To let consumers see how much gel is in the package, the label is designed with a see-through panel that functions as a gauge. The calibrated, vertical window rises up the side of the top third of the canister.

The package’s closure incorporates a movable, inner (orange) component and an outer (blue) component. The orange piece twists less than a quarter turn, which enables the consumer to turn it from the “locked” position to “dispensing” and back again. The mechanism emits an audible click to confirm locking and unlocking. To dispense the product, the consumer rotates the orange piece to the open position and presses a nubby button on top of the closure.

An internal dispenser tube connects the closure assembly to the body of the package. The package is composed of multiple moving parts but has no removable parts.

Although not apparent from outward appearances, the package has a nonconventional dispensing design that allows for 360-degree dispensing. It uses compressed-air dispensing technology from Airopack. An internal piston system works with pressurized air to dispense the gel, obviating the need for chemical propellants. To eliminate messy nozzle leaks, the package features a Clean Dispense Actuator that seals immediately after the consumer dispenses a dollop of gel.

In addition to revealing the package-related problems men face with shave gels, Gillette’s online survey showed that 60% of men want a smoother shave. Thus Gillette formulated Fusion ProGlide Sensitive 2-in-1 Shave Gel Plus Skin Care with a cooling skin-care agent that provides a smoother and more comfortable shave. Gillette positions the shave gel as a complement to its Fusion ProGlide manual razor with FlexBall Technology.

The shave gel comes in multiple scents, including Ocean Breeze, Alpine Clean and Active Sport. Fill weight for the canister is 6 oz.

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I've used two of these new gel dispensers, Airopacks as they are called. First one was fine, but second one has stopped dispensing the gel even though there is maybe 3/4 of the gel still in the container. I've tried cleaning the nozzle, taking the whole top part containing the nozzle assembly off the dispenser and cleaning everything to ensure no blockages, but still the gel won't come out when the button is pressed.
I have only used my new Gillette gel dispenser on 4 occasions and it has stopped working - do I take it back to Boots or send it back to Gillette. Duncan Willows
Same problem here. The dispenser stopped working with large amount of gel still in the container. Redesign is needed.
My last two containers started shooting gel at such a rapid stream it hurt my hand total junk!
I only got one use out of it before it stopped working. I had to squeeze hard with on hand while holding the button with the other and managed to get a second shave out of it. I think my wife said the shaving cream cost $6. Thanks for nothing Gillette.
2 gel dispensers out of a 3 pack didn't work after 5 squirts, Soaked um, stabbed um just waiting on #3 to crap out. then I'll get the Edge!
Do NOT BUY! Cans stop working with a lot of gel left in. Imagine one morning rushing to go and you end up with half face unshaved because of Gillette's shaving cream can stopping to dispense. Complains to P&G DO NOT HELP.
I've purchased two Airopack format cans and neither dispensed more than about a quarter of the contents before they stopped working. The first time I wrote off to a fluke.... turns out it is more of a systemic issue.
Utter rubbish. Stopped working after one use. Did they not test this before unleashing 1,000s of tonnes of non usable shave gel on the world. Sort it out #Gillette
I'd rather have my old rusty cans versus the total crap of these plastic unworthy dispensers. This is so typical - marveling at packaging - but the underlying product / change is a step backwards. I have complained multiple times directly to P&G and while i have received numerous manufacturer coupons, the product remains unchanged month after month. When will P&G get this right?
Those bottles are piece of shit. After few uses nothing comes out. They propably didn`t put gas in those.