Glidden's Rollable brand paint is easy to apply

January 29, 2014

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Glidden's Rollable brand paint is easy to apply

A notable new container introduced by ICI Paints for its new Glidden Rollable brand paint is a real benefit for do-it-yourselfers. The new injection-molded, polypropylene Quick-Roll container, developed by Superfos US ( in close cooperation with ICI, has numerous features. An injection-molded grid acts as a built-in roller tray that allows consumers to roll paint directly from the container, and a slanted bottom at one end facilitates removal of the entire contents. The Quick-Roll container, which contains 1.85 gal of paint, is filled to below the grid, so that users can remove excess paint with no paint loss or mess. The rectangular design of the Quick-Roll container helps prevent accidental spillage, and the dual handles are easy to hold, even on ladders. The container includes an easy-open, recloseable lid, and the design provides ample surface space for branding, which increases shelf appeal. 


Other benefits of its rectangular plastic construction include rust and dent elimination, reduced transportation costs and more efficient utilization of shelf space.

“The new container has done very well in the marketplace, and we expect it to continue to expand market share,” says ICI purchasing manager James Marshall. “We will expand it into other products in 2007.”

The Superfos Quick-Roll container for ICI received Gold and Silver Star recognition in the Starpack 2006 Awards, held in London. The Gold Star was awarded to Superfos in the “Best Consumer Packaging Non Food” category, and the Silver Star award was received in the “Best Component” category. The Starpack judges stated, “This user-friendly paint container for do-it-yourself enthusiasts and professional decorators offers a number of well thought-out consumer-convenient features.”

Superfos applies all of the labels to the container in its plant before sending it to ICI. The top label is applied in the mold, while the front and back labels are pressure-sensitive. ICI fills the container with its Glidden Ceiling Paint with EZ Track™ Technology, a revolutionary product that goes on pink and dries white. Glidden Ceiling Paint in the Quick-Roll container is available nationwide only in Home Depot stores, where it sells for about $32.

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