Honest Marijuana chooses cans to protect cannabis from light, moisture and oxidation

Kate Bertrand Connolly in Packaging Design on August 18, 2016

At Honest Marijuana Co., environmental responsibility shapes not only the cultivation of numerous strains of cannabis but also how the company packages them. In August 2016, the company introduced sustainable packaging drawn straight from the food industry: metal cans.

The packaging design, an unusual one for cannabis, protects the marijuana from crushing and defends against the deleterious effects of light and moisture. The hermetically sealed packaging also protects the product from oxygen; the filled cans are flushed with nitrogen prior to lidding.

No chemicals leach from the can material, even in fluctuating temperatures, which safeguards product aroma and integrity. According to Honest Marijuana Co., the package (unopened) can preserve cannabis flowers for years.

The can holds an eighth of an ounce of cannabis, and the reclosable package is designed for product storage. Both the can and the lid are recyclable, once the labels are removed.

Honest Marijuana Co. is based in Colorado, where recreational and medical use of cannabis is legal. The company’s founder, Anthony Franciosi, offers a closer look at the new package.


Are your cans made from tin-coated steel or aluminum?

Franciosi: Honest Marijuana Co.’s cannabis is packaged in a food-grade tin can with a lid.


Does the can have an easy-open feature?

Franciosi: The tin can features a metal lid that has a ring-pull for ease in opening.


Is there an overcap, to reclose the package after it has been opened?

Franciosi: Yes, there is an overcap, as well as a child-resistant feature. [Watch a video of the CR overcap on Facebook here. You will need to have a Facebook account.]


How are the cans decorated?

Franciosi: Each can features two paper labels, one on the can and one on top of the lid.


How do the labels affect the recycling of the package (the can/lid)?

Franciosi: The label company used, The Label Shoppe (626-333-4001), is as green as a label company can be—they are SQF [Safe Quality Food] certified and only use water-based systems and water-based inks. That said, labels are not generally recyclable. The issue with pressure-sensitive labels is not the paper or coating but the adhesive, which is not recyclable.


How many varieties of marijuana are packaged in the cans?

Franciosi: Honest Marijuana Co. currently cultivates anywhere between eight and 12 strains, which are all packaged in the tin cans.


Why did you choose metal cans to package marijuana? What are the benefits?

Franciosi: We were looking for the best in freshness preservation, antioxidation measures and nitrogen-flashed capabilities. We do not know of any better way to preserve our product as of right now.


Is the can a stock package, or was it custom designed?

Franciosi: The cans were custom designed for Honest Marijuana Co.


Who supplies your cans?

Franciosi: Honest Marijuana Co.’s tins come from N2 Packaging.



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When is weed by mail gonna be available in the us? I live in Arizona and I have my card but not always good deals at dispensaries I know like the blue dream is supposed to be a hit and I want some so I should be able to email a pic of my green card and have it sent to me in the mail or ups sealed and signed.
Interesting packaging. Can of cannabis
You can't see inside before open. How about PET with barrier as package/
I absolutely cannot get past the opportunity to write here. I am swamped right now and can't write a full note but this is a Doypack, flexible packaging opportunity if I have ever saw one! There are so many arguements against this can idea. I am sure the company looked at doypack but really... think again.