How Packaging Trends Will Shape 2020

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Packaging Design on February 27, 2020

Sustainability, branding and “smart” packaging technologies continue to resonate with global packaging professionals, based on the leading stories from early 2020 on

In January 2020, you were most interested in learning about new packaging trends — rightly so! Brands need their packaging designs to stay current with what matters to today’s consumers.

In reverse order, here are the top five articles of January 2020, based on page views:



5. 12 design pieces that brought beauty to packaging in 2019.

In late 2019, our annual review of top articles of the year uncovered these gems related to packaging design:

1. Loop and big brands boldly reinvent waste-free packaging

2. 7 best packaging practices for cannabis marketers

3. 10 pack redesigns earn honors in Nielsen competition

4.  Nike’s new green lobster shoe box tests packaging limits

5. What can you learn from great packaging designs and concepts?

6. Packaging in space!

7. Pets star on new packages of Hill’s Science Diet pet food

8.  Evolution of a package: Heinz ketchup

9.  Top 3 AmeriStar winners excel in packaging design, sustainability

10.  Packaging innovation awards celebrate excellence

11.  Inverted pouch trend upends food packaging: Chico Honey

12.  Social media-friendly food packaging ‘reignites’ Lay’s brand

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