How to Redesign an Over-the-Top Package

Brands often want to stand out on-shelf, but using a pack design that’s too extreme can force a redesign.

Kate Bertrand Connolly, Freelance Writer

July 3, 2024

Package designs don’t always hit the mark on the first try, necessitating another shot. This short Packaging Unboxd video considers a pack design and redesign for a carbon-neutral milk brand.

Dominating the initial milk carton was the statement, “This milk fights climate change.” The package’s designer admits that this bold design “went too far” in efforts to stand out.

The redesigned milk carton brings in more design cues, including an endearing cow and the statement, “pasture-raised on family farms.” A carbon-neutrality statement still appears on the carton, beneath the brand name, but it is much smaller than in the original design.

Knowing the product category and decision tree for consumers is essential to a successful packaging design. The designer explains, “If I were doing a granola bar, I would want a picture of the granola bar on the front so that people can see it’s yummy.”

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