Idahoan Mashed Potato Cups Redesign Raises Relevancy

A change in materials, a smashing new look, and revamped preparation instructions make the packaging more relevant for consumers.

August 23, 2022

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Image courtesy of Idahoan Foods

What’s a good way to draw more eyes to microwave cups of instant mashed potatoes?

Redesign the packaging of course.

That’s what Idahoan Foods did through an updated, eye-catching new look introduced this summer. It was the brand’s first major overhaul since the product’s launch in 2011, according to Jared Miller, the Idaho Falls-based company’s creative director.

The brand set out to revamp packaging to feature larger photographs to emphasize the product texture and spark appeal. The modern design presents a simplified, shopper-friendly new look that brings Idahoan Mashed Potatoes imagery to the forefront of the cup.

Consumer considerations were essential to the redesign, which was aligned with a new product reformulation driven by consumer feedback that also helped guide a key part of the packaging design, Miller points out.

The label graphics features updated user instructions based on consumer feedback.


“When we spoke with Idahoan mashed cup users, we learned that some did not have access to a microwave or preferred to prepare the product in an alternative way,” Miller explains. “With this feedback and the potential to help these users better enjoy Idahoan mashed potatoes, we connected with our R&D team. The updated packaging now includes boiling water instructions in addition to microwave preparation.”

As part of a continued interest in sustainability, Idahoan has also improved the recyclability of the packaging. Miller says the cup is now made of polypropylene with a glued label made of paper-based fiber board. PET lidding seals the cup.

The redesign also adds a Smart Label quick response (QR) code for consumer engagement through additional product information.

Developed over 10 months, the project’s largest challenges were related to a common theme these days: supply chain issues, according to Miller.

“Supply issues are everywhere, and the push to become more sustainable is driving more and more companies to get creative in their packaging approach,” he says. “Idahoan is committed to finding new, innovative ways to improve the world, regardless of the challenge it may present.”

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