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January 29, 2014

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Info Showcase

Literature and other multimedia, product announcements and websites for packaging machinery, materials, containers, supplies, and services. Use Reader Reply Card, online info response or contact supplier directly.

A Simple, Reliable, Repeatable Leak Test

Random sample testing detects sealing problems before they snowball. Quickly and reliably setup packaging lines. Altitude simulation test assures package integrity during trucking and airfreight. Test materials for seal integrity during package development. The Pack-Vac will catch defects before they reach your customers!

Haug Quality Equipment
18443 Technology Dr., Morgan Hill, CA 95037
Fax: 408-465-8161

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VBS LCI Series

VBS offers a complete line of patented LCI liquid nitrogen injection systems that will pressurize and/or inert containers at line speeds up to 2000 cpm. Ideal for hot fill applications, PET containers, glass bottles and cans, the LCI promotes cost-saving measures including light-weighting bottles and reducing

cardboard packaging materials.
VBS International, Inc.
408-371-3303; Fax: 408-371-3320
E-mail: [email protected]

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SmartDate® Family of Thermal Transfer Coders

MARKEM Corporation offers the SmartDate? family of thermal transfer coders, which deliver crisp, clear and consistent quality from digital-to-print thermal transfer technology. With the largest installed equipment base and worldwide support, they offer the most reliable intermittent and continuous solutions for printing flexible packaging substrates including films, foils and cartons.

MARKEM Corporation
866-263-4644; Fax: 603-352-7938;
E-mail: [email protected]

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Starweightm Checkweigher Solves Problem of Weighing Hard-to-Handle Packages

Hi-Speed Checkweigher Co., Inc. has introduced the new Starweigh/CM intermittent checkweigher that provides an accurate method of automatically weighing such hard to-handle packages as glass, plastic, or metal bottles and round or oval containers. The Starweigh checkweigher incorporates a unique ?starwheel? product-handling and weighing system that provides superior accuracy, speed and reliability.

Hi-Speed Checkweigher Co.,Inc.,
Fax: 607-257-6396
E-mail: [email protected]

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Rotary Fill & Seal Machine

A World Of Solutions:

Short Time to Market?

In Stock

Test Marketing?

On-The Shelf,

Limited Budget


Floor Space Issues?

Small Footprints.


80 Cups Per Minute

Wilpack Packaging
E-mail: [email protected]

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DE-STA-CO Industries Introduces a NEW Modular End Effector Tooling System

The MET-2000 is an excellent product for "Material Handling" applications in injection molding operations, small metal stamping, palletizing and glass handling tasks. The easily configurable MET-2000 system features manual tool changer with quick disconnect air ports, joints with 360? of positioning, boom joints that clamp completely around the boom, mounts for Robohand grippers, and a complete line of accessories.

DE-STA-CO Industries,
[email protected]

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Arrowhead Systems, Inc., A Leader in Material Handling

Busse/SJI Corporation, Arrowhead Conveyor Corporation and Arrowhead Systems UK have a wide range of product offerings. Visit our website at to preview: air conveyors, table top and mat top conveyors, case conveyors, robots, palletizers, depalletizers, coolers/warmers, sheet handling inspection systems, and more. To learn more of our capabilities visit us at InterBev 2004, Booth #1522.

Arrowhead Systems, Inc.
Fax: 920-235-3638

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CompakTM Jr. Flyer

A two-page, four color flyer describes the CompakTM Jr. Induction Cap Sealing System. The CompakTM Jr. is a self-contained, portable induction cap sealing system ideal for lab use, test marketing new products and small production runs. The entire system weighs only 14 pounds. Because it is completely air cooled, the CompakTM Jr. requires no water hook-up and does not require special wiring; it plugs directly into a standard wall socket. Enercon Industries Corp.
Fax: 262-255-7784
E-mail: [email protected]

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DE-STA-CO Raises The Bar ... Again.

Launch of New Generation Toggle Clamps!

DE-STA-CO Industries' new 2002, 2007, 2010 series toggle clamps offer more than twice the holding capacity in the same envelope size as previous generation models. Additional benefits include greater hand clearance between handle and bar in the open position, elimination of pinch points, and improved vertical spindle contact on the workpiece.

DE-STA-CO Industries
Fax 800-682-9686;
E-mail: [email protected]

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The Hudson-Sharp Machine Company

Check out our web site for news of the recent acquisition and our newly expanded product offering. You will find bag and pouch making equipment including Wicketers and WASP, Flatbelts & Bottomseal, Continuous Motion, Pouch and Inno-Lok® Pre-zippered film systems. We strive to be the supplier of choice for worldwide plastic converting machinery.

The Hudson-Sharp Machine Company
Fax: 920-496-1322
E-mail: [email protected]

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Servo Driven Horizontal Cartoner Increases Productivity

Hi-Speed, multi-configuration product stacking design of the ZAC CH7.5 250C features a dynamic product bucket for various product sizes and tool-less adjustable carton cell chain. GMP balcony style design with rear main drive provides easy access for maintenance. With a 1 to 10 blister stacking capability and production speed up to 600 blisters per minute, Z Automation commits to innovative packaging solutions.

Z Automation Company Inc.
Fax: 847-483-0121
E-mail: [email protected]

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HEISLER 36,000 Series Tray Drop Packer

Designed to pack your product into a preformed top loading tray, controlling both handle and label orientation, for Point of Purchase display. The HEISLER Tray Drop Packer is a fully automatic machine, which has the versatility to handle different size and shape containers at speeds up to 20 per minute.

HEISLER Industries, Inc.
Fax 973-227-7627
e-mail: [email protected]

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