January 29, 2014

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Pressurex? pressure indicating sensor film quickly, accurately and inexpensively measures pressure distribution and magnitude between any two contacting or impacting surfaces.

Common applications include:

  • Heat Sealers

  • Lamination / Presses

  • Nip Rollers

  • Machine Calibration / Maintenance

  • Material Testing

Sensor Products Inc. USA
Request a FREE sample at: www.sensorprod.com/pressurex/ 1-973-884-1755

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A Simple, Reliable, Repeatable Leak Test

Random sample testing detects sealing problems before they snowball. Quickly and reliably setup packaging lines. Altitude simulation test assures package integrity during trucking and airfreight. Test materials for seal integrity during package development. The Pack-Vac will catch defects before they reach your customers!

Haug Quality Equipment
18443 Technology Dr., Morgan Hill, CA 95037
Fax: 408-465-8161

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Whallon Bulk Depalletizer

Whallon bulk depalletizing systems are designed to move empty metal, glass or plastic containers from pallet to production line. This unit can be manufactured for either fully automatic or semi-automatic operation. Sensors and selector switches are used to provide easy changeover for different container heights. A full range of models can be custom built to handle the customer's particular needs.

Whallon Machinery, Inc. 574-643-9561; Fax: 574-643-9218;
www.whallon.com; [email protected]

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Battenfeld Gloucester Introduces its New Machine Direction Orienter (MDO)

Machine-direction orientation provides enhancements to polyethylene film including downgauging and the ability to create specialty films. Rather than being wound after extrusion, film is fed into the MDO unit, preheated, and run through drawing rolls for orientation. This process increases the film to four or five times its original length.

Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering Co., Inc. Tel: 978-281-1800, Fax: 978-282-9111 www.bge.battenfeld.com

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Air Blast Systems Blow Water Off!

Air Blast Inc. air knife systems are designed to blow water off of packages prior to labeling, cans, and bottles, prior to labeling, ink jet coding, and packaging. We also blow off produce prior to waxing, and packaging. Air Blast systems are also designed to control the depth of coatings and toppings.

Air Blast Inc. 626/576-0144; www.airblastinc.com E-mail: [email protected]

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NEW Continuous-Motion VFFS System for Stand-Up Zipper Pouches

Convert and fill popular stand-up pouches with recloseable zipper with one SMALL machine! The CM300PZ vertical form fill seal bagger from CMD Packaging Systems offers fast, stable bagging and easy integration with existing feed systems. The straightforward, center-tube design simplifies operation and maintenance. Dual-jaw actuation and print registration ensure high package quality.

CMD Packaging Systems 920-662-2100, Fax: 920-434-5750 E-Mail: [email protected]

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New 12 Page Product Line Brochure

Features all carton and case handling equipment manufactured by Rockford Midland. Detailed information on the new Rockford Semi-Automatic Bottom Load Case Packer, recently reintroduced Rockford Horizontal Cartoners, Rockford Engineered Solutions Integration Services, as well as complete information on the Rockford Casestar Case Packers and Rockford Sealstar Case Sealers. Rockford Quality, Reliability and Performance.

Rockford Midland Corporation, 800-327-7908/815-877-0212 [email protected]www.rockfordmidland.com

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Maxco ME 24 Case Erector Tape or Glue

Case Erector by Maxco Machinery Division features four panel closing before sealing, 160 KD + hopper capacity, tape or glue @ 25 cases per minute, consol se up instructions and tool less changes over, all in a 10' x 4' 6" footprint. Benefits: (1) collision proof flap tucking, (2) 99% efficiency, and (3) high tolerance for warped and miss glued KD blanks. The erector will run RSC, HSC, AFM, FOL and BIB style boxes.

Maxco Machinery Division 800-726-2926 www.maxcomachinery.com

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Metal Detectors, Feeders and Screeners

Eriez' Equipment for the Packaging industry features the new E-Z Tec DSP Metal Detector. The new DSP unit combines advanced Digital Signal Processing with an easy-to-use 4" x 5" (1/4 VGA) Touch Screen Interface to set a new standard for ease-of-use. Brochure details feeders, conveyors, screeners and other equipment designed for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics and packaging applications.

Eriez 1-888-300-ERIEZ(3743) www.Eriez.com; [email protected]

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Literature Describes Yellow Jacket 110? Stretch Wrap Machine

Yellow Jacket LLP data sheet details features and benefits of their stretch-wrap machine with patent-pending orbital Lock Down Technology. The Yellow Jacket 110t wraps completely around the load and pallet, adapts to any size or shape load and wraps loads right on the fork truck. For more information, please contact Yellow Jacket LLP.

Yellow Jacket LLP 765-671-7879 or 800-387-5001 Fax: 765-671-7875 www.yellowjacket110.com[email protected]

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DAK Americas New PET Resin for Bottled Water Packaging Applications

Laser+(TM) W PET resin was specially engineered to meet the growing demands of the bottled water market. Laser+ W offers low acetaldehyde levels that protect product flavor and meet the challenges of new container designs and sizes. The high inherent polymer strength of Laser+ W enhances container integrity and allows for lightweight packaging. DAK Americas is committed to the continued growth of the PET packaging industry.

DAK Americas 888-738-2002; www.dakamericas.com

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Pack Small Hot Fill or Cold Liquid Pouches FFS Liquid Pouches Automatically No Change Over

Pack from .1 to 16 ounces with no changeover, high speed, and automatically. Achieve speeds to 400 pouches per minute, hot fill and cool on the machine, bandoleer strips or cut pouches - all with ease. Process large particles and obtain zero headspace.

For details contact: Anzu Technology/DANGAN NA 831-883-4400; E-mail: [email protected]; www.anzutech.com

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PDC R-500 Shrinklabeler

PDC will be showing its NEW R-500 Shrinklabeler which applies heat shrinkable sleeve labels at over 500 bpm. The unique attribute of PDC's R-500 labeler is that, using patented PDC technology, the sleeve flow is continuous within the machine. The web is not indexed for cutting or applying, allowing for highoutput speeds but the lowest possible web speeds.

PDC International Ph: 203-853-1516, Fax: 203-854-0834 www.pdc-corp.com

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DE-STA-CO Industries Introduces a NEW Modular End Effector Tooling System

The MET-2000 is an excellent product for "Material Handling" applications in injection molding operations, small metal stamping, palletizing and glass handling tasks. The easily configurable MET-2000 system features manual tool changer with quick disconnect air ports, joints with 360? of positioning, boom joints that clamp completely around the boom. Can be configured with grippers or vacuum cups and nipper mounts.

DE-STA-CO Industries -- 1-800-762-6426; [email protected]; www.destaco.com

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Labeling Solutions

  • Pressure sensitive, Hot melt, Cold Glue, Roll Feed, Combination Systems.

  • GMP Design

  • Easy and fast set-up

  • Quick changeovers

  • Efficient Production

  • Continuous support

  • Custom solutions to fit your needs

Servo motor technology available. With P.E. Labellers you will find the perfect match for your labeling requirements.

P.E. USA, Inc. 11560 Rockfield Court, Cincinnati, OH 45241 Tel: 513-771-7374; Fax: 513-771-3820 Email: [email protected]; www.pe-us.com

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OK Supersealer SS2 Don't Just Seal - Superseal!

O/K International announces the arrival of their newest model the OK Supersealer SS2 Hot Air Bag Sealer. The only "washdown Bag Sealer" available on the market. The stainless steel construction of the machine in combination with advanced air flow and push button controls, ensures performance in demanding applications every time.

O/K International 508-303-8286; E-mail: [email protected]; Web: www.okcorp.com

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Rotary Fill & Seal Machine

A World of Solutions: Short Time to Market? Test Marketing? Limited Budget? Floor Space Issues? Speed?

In Stock,
On-The Shelf,
Small Footprints
80 Cups Per Min.

Wilpack Packaging 815-490-9235; www.wilpackpackaging.com; E-mail: [email protected]

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High Resolution Ink Jet Printers

The Merlin range is the next generation of ink jet printers using the latest print head technology giving the highest quality, crisp, clear print, time after time. As the first inkjet barcode accredited company, Alpha Dot offers a full range of solutions to meet customers' barcode printing requirements. Merlin printers are small, compact, self-contained units, which can be networked in both hardwired and wireless environments.

Alpha Dot 908-284-2511; Fax: 908-284-2583 Email: [email protected]; www.alphadot.com

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Lowry RFID-EPC Solutions

If you are looking for a company in the forefront of labeling technologies and compliance standards for packaging applications, Lowry Computer Products has proven experience and now offers RFID-EPC case and pallet solutions:

  • Encode & Printe automated labelers

  • "Smart" labels

  • Certified installation

  • 24x7 nationwide support

Lowry Computer Products, Inc. 800-733-0210, [email protected]www.lowrycomputer.com

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Drierite Desiccant Bags

DRIERITE Desiccant bags are filled with DRIERITE (anhydrous calcium sulfate), the highly effective and completely safe drying agent. DRIERITE will reduce the humidity in a sealed container to a -100 F dewpoint which is nearly 0% R.H. at ambient temperatures. DRIERITE also performs well at elevated temperatures and will not release absorbed moisture. Packages that experience temperature changes during shipping and storage are best protected by including a DRIERITE desiccant bag.

W. A. Hammond Drierite Co. LTD. 937/376-2927; Fax: 937/376-1977; www.drierite.com

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All-Fill's Model B-SV-600 Auger Filler

All-Fill's Model B-SV-600 Auger Filler uses advanced technology - a brushless DC servo motor drive and field-proven PLC controls - to ensure fast, accurate, and reliable auger filling of dry products. Eliminates clutch/brake, belts, pulleys, and other "wear parts". High cycle rates, PLC accuracy, touchscreen ease, SSG circuitry, and a full 1 year warranty.

All-Fill, Inc., 866-ALL-FILL; web: www.all-fill.com

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New Autobagt System for Wide Bag Applications

The new Autobagt AB 255 Large Bagging System provides automated packaging for bags up to16 inches wide. This system can package up to 55 bags per minute with automatic fill and seal operations. The unit can be configured for vertical or horizontal operation and changeovers require less than two minutes.

Automated Packaging Systems, Inc. 800-AUTOBAG www.autobag.com

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NJM/CLI's Print & Apply Family

Maximize Your Production Model 400 Final Touch? Printer/Applicator The model 400 is a ruggedly constructed, easy to operate Printer/Applicator Labeler, designed to apply labels on demand to a variety of products, including cartons and cases. Special features include: Allen-Bradley PLC c Allen-Bradley Panel View 550

NJM/CLI Packaging Systems International USA 1-800-432-2990; Canada 1-800-811-6990; www.njmcli.com

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