Inspiration from Japan

David Bellm

January 29, 2014

1 Min Read
Inspiration from Japan

PingMag is an absolute feast of great ideas for anyone in the packaging field. Packaging Digest’s invaluable Assistant Editor Tim Avery just sent me a link to this amazing online resource from Japan. The site is energetic and richly infused with its home culture — a must see for anyone who understands the tremendous potential of packaging to be startlingly creative.

Among the copious gems on this site are today’s top story of the balloon-like packages for tofu and pudding – not just hip but environmentally thoughtful too.

Deeper into the site, ponder the possibilities of these fanciful paper sculptures as packaging. They wouldn’t be cheap to mass produce as containers, but think of the shelf appeal. Or maybe for a high-priced, limited edition of something?

And last but not least is a collection very cool Japanese ice-cream wrapper designs – as delicious as the stuff that’s in ‘em!


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