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Rick Lingle in Packaging Design on January 25, 2016

Browser-based 3D virtual shopping permits conceptual packaging to be placed into an interactive retail environment.


Do you have any case study examples of customers using it for packaging?

Chamali: We have completed a wide variety of projects for major brands. Here are a few short examples to illustrate how the tool is used for packaging research and indeed packaging proofing. Due to client confidentiality issues, the case studies are anonymous:


Australian grocery retailer study: The retailer created a number of pack concept routes for a particular category and wanted to test which was best for consumers. For the project we created 3D Animations to virtually ‘walk’ 1500 research respondents through a virtual store. At the end of their virtual journey they were presented with our Liveplano interactive 3D shelf tool, displaying the product category in question. Respondents were able to use the tool to pick up and rotate products, read the packaging, etc. Their behaviour at shelf was recorded using our platform, which had been embedded in a wider online survey. Our platform passed the respondent’s behavioural data through to the online survey provider using our Application Program Interface (API). 

Our client, a market research agency, used the data generated by our interactive shelf tool to build a picture of consumers’ behaviour. As a result, they were able to make recommendations regarding the most effective concepts for use in the category to the retailer.


Toilet Care Case Study: Our market research client needed 3D visuals of toilet care accessories to use in a conjoint study. Provided as sketches, we converted the initial concepts to life-like 3D visuals that were positioned inside a virtual toilet bowl. We also created virtual benchmark products (competitor brands) in a number of different colours and designs.

The study enabled the agency to recommend the best aesthetics (in terms of customer preference) to their Fast-Moving Consumer Goods client and the manufacturer used the recommendations to create their new product range.


3D Interactive Dairy Category: We created an interactive 3D planogram of the yogurt category for one of our main research clients using new product concepts. Also, competitor products were bought and photographed to be placed in the 3D virtual environment so that survey respondents could select from within a full category range. Conceptsauce also took the pack concepts and produced full 3D products, to allow respondents to examine the products closely by zooming and rotating each concept.


How does it compare with another technology we reported on in this area (see Augmented reality offers real-world value)?

Chamali: Our tools are cloud-based and provide a more cost-effective solution. What we offer allows clients to:

- Upload concepts to our platform

- Adjust virtual shelf layouts very easily

- Rapidly test concepts on a 3D shelf

- Reuse 3D pack visuals that we create or 3D shelf planograms in a market research study.

- Agile development of tools and rapid deployment of customised apps as per clients’ needs.

- Extendable platform, allowing the use of Video, Heatmaps, ratings, 3D and 2D virtual tools.


When used in a survey environment, our platform allows full API access to all the apps, such as the 3D Liveplano shelf solution, which offers full data recording so that the behaviour of respondents is monitored and recorded. We record actions such as hover over, pick up pack, rotated pack, bought pack and removed from basket. We also record how long each action takes to complete.


For more information, visit or email [email protected]

Abs Chamali, CEO of ConceptSauce.



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