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IoPP makes changes to Certified Packaging Professionals program

IoPP makes changes to Certified Packaging Professionals program
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IoPP logoThe Institute of Packaging Professionals has announced new changes to the Certified Packaging Professionals (CPP) program that include a condensed recertification timeline and revised certification requirements.

The goal of these changes is to ensure packaging professionals stay involved, continue their education, and give back to the packaging community.

National IoPP Board Members were diligent in benchmarking the IoPP Certification program against similar professional certifications while adhering to member and employer feedback to ensure the certification plan meets the needs and stature expected from IoPP members.

The purposes of these CPP revisions are to:

1. Simplify the process for applicants by streamlining the Resume of Activities form & categories.
2. Create a professional certification program that generates increased respect from industry professionals/employers.

Summary of Certification

• 3 year transition timeline:
o Future Applicants and Current Certified Professionals in Training (CPIT) will be on the 3 year program
o Lifetime status after 12 years (Initial CPP and 3 re-certifications)
• Forty eight (48) hour exam allowance vs. current ninety six (96) hour allowance.
• After December 31, 2013, the multiple choice exam is no longer accepted for re-certification. This will ensure members continue education and stay active within the industry. 

• Updated "Resume of Activities" Form:
o Simplified categories
o Ability to submit online or manually
o Change in number of CPE Points
o Ability to carry over 20 CPEs from one certification cycle to the next

If you have additional questions please review the Certification Handbook or consult the online CPA FAQ document.

Or contact Barbara Dykes, IoPP Member Services Manager, at [email protected]


Source: IoPP



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