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Jack Link’s jerky and packaging changed from the inside out

Jack Link’s jerky and packaging changed from the inside out
Jack Link's brand refresh centers on increased visibility and a cleaner label.

A brand refresh for Jack Link’s Protein Snacks that was a long time in the making includes a new package design with an updated logo and a cleaner label done in concert with a product reformulation. A fun back panel is added, too.

Over the past five years, segment leader Jack Link’s Protein Snacks, Minong, WI, has spearheaded the 40% growth of the +$2B meat snacks category. In fact, the company reports that it has added more dollar growth every year than all competitors combined. To keep that front-running momentum going, the company is introducing a multifaceted brand refresh that includes an updated logo, package design and product formulation to create an even more compelling choice for consumers.

“The meat snacks category is on fire and so is Jack Link’s,” says Jeff LeFever, vice president of marketing. “We want to continue to push the category to new levels. As the category leader, it is our mission to provide our retail partners with a brand, product and package that will continue to drive their sales.”

“Consumers want cleaner labels and healthier snacks without sacrificing taste,” adds Mike Gerber, vice president of research and development. “That is precisely what we deliver with our new product formulation.”

Changes include a new logo positioned for new consumers, occasions and innovation; a new design to improve visibility and purchase intent as well as a matte finish on the bags; and a product reformulation for a simplified label without sacrificing flavor.

It was all done with a purpose. “Our purpose for the redesign was to continue to delight our existing consumers, while attracting new category users,” Mike Seepersaud, director of product marketing, informs Packaging Digest.

It is a change that was a long time in the making—and yielded gains in purchase intent by consumers.

The spacious, uncluttered back panel includes a wry comment and a horizontal bar of iconic callouts culled from key Nutrition Facts data accompanied by a Smart Snack product logo.

"We have been in the planning phases of a brand refresh for quite some time,” Seepersaud explains. “When our research and development team discovered a cleaner label for our jerky that didn’t compromise taste or quality, our plans went into high gear. Our consumers are very passionate about our brand, so we wanted to make sure that our new design would evoke the same level of passion while creating a better shopping experience.

“Our testing proved that consumers could easily identify different proteins, flavors and key nutritional facts 12 percent faster and their purchase intent increased by 11 percent over our existing design. As the category leader, it’s our mission to provide our retail partners with innovation to drive the category to new levels.

“We focused on four key areas that we knew were important to consumers: flavor, protein type, nutrition and our quality signature. Our previous package design also had nutritional callouts, but the new design makes those easier to find.”

The spaciously uncluttered back panel includes a wry comment, as seen above; other sayings include “Go ahead, make my jerky.” and “No more cheesy fingers.” 

In fact, “the back panel strategy was all about showcasing our Feed Your Wild Side motto on-pack,” Seepersaud points out.

As is also noted on the back panel, the “Fresh-Lock” press-to-close reseal is from Presto Products Co. An Ageless brand oxygen scavenging packet from Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America, Inc. is included in each pouch to maintain a high-quality shelf life.

“We worked with Davis Designs in Ontario, Canada to help bring our vision to life,” says Seepersaud. “This was our first time working with them, and we are very pleased with their work.”

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