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Juice label lends a touch of the tropics

Direct from the South Pacific, Hilo Gold Noni Juice, manufactured and distributed by The Stratis Group, is a drink that for several generations has been a favorite of the native people of Hawaii. Hawaiians consider noni fruit sacred. Noni fruit has been used for thousands of years to promote the body's well-being. Hilo Gold 100-percent Pure Hawaiian Noni Juice is now available on the mainland. The 32-oz glass bottle of the new juice product is being launched with a vibrantly decorated and distinctive heat-shrinkable polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG) label from the Seal-It Div. of Printpack ( Stratis asked Seal-It to gravure-print a full-body sleeve label that would reinforce the tropical image of the Hawaiian fruit in order to obtain maximum point-of-purchase impact. Inspired by the Hawaiian noni fruit, also called Morinda Citrifolia, the resulting graphics display a lively green, orange and yellow color scheme with noni fruit and palm-leaf elements printed in seven colors. A neckband made of clear polyvinyl chloride (PVC) was added to provide tamper-evidence. Stratis preferred a PETG label because its characteristics allow it to shrink easily to the contours of the bottle, while the high-gloss impact of the film enhances the graphics' intensity. The total package makes for exceptional shelf impact and sets the juice product apart from competing products, Stratis says. Echoes David Love, general manager of Seal-It, Inc., "The label has had such an impact on sales that we've been told that there are other projects planned for additional products."

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