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Keson wins NRHA's Top Packaging Award for long-run measuring wheel

Keson wins NRHA's Top Packaging Award for long-run measuring wheel
Keson wins NRHA's Top Packaging Award for long-run measuring wheel


Keson wins NRHAKeson Industries—a leading supplier and manufacturer of innovative, high-quality, measuring and marking tools—has received the North American Retail Hardware Association's (NRHA) Gold Award for outstanding product packaging for its new Long-Run Measuring Wheel. The boxes used to hold the new RRT12 Keson measuring wheels are helping Keson to stand out from its competition and garner attention in the retail market.

The packaging for the RRT12 long distance wheel, which was introduced to the market in March 2011, was judged on the following criteria: overall shelf and sales appeal, graphic design, innovation, packaging efficiency, shelf life and selling features.

"The RRT12 package offers an excellent example of Keson's product packaging, which has been completely revamped, with an emphasis on quickly and clearly communicating the attractive, rugged and easy-to-use product contained within the box," says Jeff Capstran, vp of sales and marketing, Keson Industries.

Keson measuring wheels are designed for professionals who require long run measuring estimates in industries such as construction, land surveying, paving, civil engineering, irrigation, landscaping, traffic safety, athletic, appraisal/estimating, maintenance, golf course design, and property insurance.

The Chicago-based integrated brand design realization firm Kaleidoscope helped Keson develop a sturdy and compact packaging solution that positions Keson as a leader and innovator in the industry for measuring and marking tools.

"The packaging is bold in design but simple and straightforward in its delivery of feature/benefits of the products," says Carrie Mapes, director of account strategy, Kaleidoscope. "The packaging has easily identifiable imagery on the box showing the newly enhanced features of the product and how they will increase performance and durability of the product. In the measuring and marking industry, this packaging will definitively differentiate Keson from its competition and garner attention in the retail space."


Available now at construction supply stores, home centers and through select online retailers, the new RRT12 Long Distance Wheels sell for approximately $119.


Source: Keson Industries



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