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Label options for beverage bottles offer form and function

Label options for beverage bottles offer form and function
SpearRC is an industry-first technology that offers the benefits of p-s labels without the recycling contamination of traditional materials.

This duo of new label substrates addresses specific beverage packaging needs, one for p-s labels compatible with PET bottle recycling and the other for a metallized paper that increases the visual appeal of beer bottles. Both combine form and function while addressing recycling needs.

There are many industry drivers that surround labels used for beverage packaging ranging from environmentally friendlier substrates to those that seek to increase a labeled bottle’s shelf impact. We hit both ends of the spectrum with a pair of fresh label options hot off the press.

Will this label revolutionize the PET bottle landscape?

The first is the debut of SpearRC a proprietary, industry-first technology developed to allow the 400 billion global PET bottles used yearly to take advantage of the benefits of pressure sensitive labels without the recycling contamination of traditional materials.

Spear has worked in conjunction with North America’s APR (Association of Post-Consumer Plastics Recyclers) since 2002 to create a recyclable pressure-sensitive label alternative. While it found a solution, it was cost prohibitive to most customers. Now, with the release of SpearRC, Constantia Flexibles Labels Division introduced a cost-effective recycling solution including clear, white and metalized film material options. SpearRC first hit the market in Norway with Carlsberg Group’s oldest and best selling bottled mineral water Farris in 2014. 

Spear aims to revolutionize the PET bottle market with further expansion in months to come. VP of R&D, Rick Fearn, of Spear adds: “We are now able to formally announce a near cost-parity solution that will change the PET bottling landscape.”


Metallized labels for one-way and returnable beer bottles

Munksjö LabelPack announced the extension of its range of base papers for metallizing, specially dedicated to premium wet-glue beer labels. The product offering consists of two new one-side coated papers: Metalkote Expert for returnable beer bottles and Metalkote Classic for one-way beer bottles.

Metalkote Expert is an upgraded version of Metalkote Evolution that provides an optimized varnish consumption and superb gloss after metallizing. Performances in die-cutting have also been increased while Munksjö maintained its best balance of technical features for enhanced brand image and optimized performance including high printing speed, trouble-free labeling, and cost-efficient wash-off.

Metalkote Classic is a high quality base paper newly-developed for one-way beer bottles. This product also meets the technical requirements of the metallizing process, and enables high performance during printing and labeling.

These one-side coated papers manufactured are at the Stenay mill, France. All mills within this business area are certified according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, FSC and PEFC Chain-of-Custody.

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