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Laser focus on delight

Laser focus on delight
Laser focus on delight


In 2010, Kraft—with help from material and equipment suppliers—figured out how to laser-shape a flexible package to add distinction and functionality.


Etienne Barbier, associate director, global chocolate packaging research, development & qualityTelling the innovation story of single-serve packaging for Milka and Marabou Chocolates is Etienne Barbier, associate director, chocolate packaging, RDQ.


"Kraft Foods wanted to create a new packaging platform that would deliver on consumer delighters—superior product protection, convenience and an upscale look—as well as efficiency. 

"A flow pack was an obvious choice for product protection, as well as line efficiency. But the traditional flow pack was short on gifting value. We already had developed the laser-scoring technology for some of our other projects in Europe and across the globe. And our team came up with the idea to shape the flow pack that mimicked the shape of the praline.

"To make this design happen, the laser-scoring technology was the best option for high-speed production. The cross-functional team worked extensively with our equipment and packaging material suppliers to evaluate the technology for this existing product and provide the superior look of today's finished product. An added bonus was how the team leveraged the laser technology to integrate an easy-opening feature into the concept. From concept to production, the project took only about nine months.

"This project is a great example that innovation can come from anywhere. When we speak with business partners or packaging colleagues in RDQ, Design and Procurement, we always emphasize the Open Innovation approach from Kraft. We work with technology brokers, suppliers, design agencies, universities and institutes and, of course, our customers and consumers to help us create this ‘Reason to Believe' for our products."



Laser focus on delight


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