Linda Casey

January 29, 2014

1 Min Read
Laser marker


The Keyence MD-V9900 series high-speed, YVO4 laser marker can image on inclines, cylinders or circular cones at speeds up to 12,000mm/second without compromising character clarity. It's three-axis motion enables the device to mark not only in the X and Y direction, but also in the Z direction. The co. also says this technology gives the MD-V9900 a 42-mm variable focal length, distortion-free 300x300mm marking area even on difficult shapes such as deformed or curved surfaces. The MD-V series comes equipped with the newly developed Dual-End Pumping Cavity (DEPC). This new technology improves the markers' optical exchange efficiency to double that of conventional markers. The co. reports that the higher efficiency allows the diode to use less current to generate equivalent power, thus reducing energy consumption while increasing the diode’s life to about three times longer than conventional markers.
Keyence Corp., 888/539-3623.

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