January 29, 2014

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Liquid marinades are in the bag


Just in time for grilling season, H.J. Heinz is taking the bottlenecks out of marinating meats by putting marinades in a bag. New EZ Marinader™ may be one of the hottest new products under the sun. Sizzling this summer with the first Ready-To-Use liquid marinade in a flavor-seal bag, EZ Marinader comes in three recognizable flavors: Jack Daniels® Mesquite, Classico® Garlic and Herb, and Mr. Yoshida's® Teriyaki.

EZ Marinader is a new brand for Heinz and marks the first time the Pittsburgh-based company has rolled out an entirely new brand in the U.S. in more than 20 years, according to brand manager Aaron Schwartz, responsible for ketchup, condiments and sauces at Heinz.

Each package contains 12 oz of product, which Heinz North America's Robin Teets says is similar to bottled marinades. On store shelves across the country since May, the proprietary barrier bags of marinade are actually three-way-folded and are taped on one side. Users simply drop meat or poultry into the bag, reseal the bag and wait 30 minutes or more, and the food is ready to cook. The bag can hold 2 to 3 lb of meat, poultry or similar-sized servings of vegetables.

Designed to slice and dice minutes off of meal preparation time, the EZ Marinader packs comprise two distinctly different material constructions for the front and back, which Teets says provide a high barrier and a 12- to 15-month shelf life for the products. The front of the package is a polyethylene terephthalate/foil/sealant, reverse-printed on the PET layer by gravure in eight colors. The back of the package is made of a proprietary material.

Teets says Heinz chose a flexible package to promote consumer convenience and reduce cleanup time and waste. "The key consumer insight was that many people love to marinade, but there are a few drawbacks–it is time-consuming and it is messy. The EZ Marinader package is designed to address the need for enhanced convenience as well as great taste."

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