January 29, 2014

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Liquid Wrench creates tool box of products




To further solidify the market position of its lubricants, penetrants and specialty products, Liquid Wrench® has redesigned its packaging and product line to be more educational than ever before. The company also announced its nationwide marketing campaign, including “how-to' videos, to educate professionals and Do-It-Yourselfers (DIYers) on how to select the right wrench for every job application. The innovative packaging lets consumers check a seasonally-updated list of uses by texting a code from their mobile devices.

“DIYers know one size doesn't fit all and that there's no one tool that can solve every problem,” says Aaron Martin, director of marketing for Liquid Wrench. “That's why we have designed specific formulations to tackle even the toughest jobs. With the new packaging, reformulation and educational campaign, DIYers will have the confidence of knowing they have selected the right tool in every situation.” Liquid Wrench's line-up includes newly reformulated penetrating oil, new anti-sling formula of chain lube, lubricating oil, silicone spray, white lithium grease and dry lubricant.

In addition to the reformulations, Liquid Wrench has repackaged its core line as well. The new 261600-pdx1002PC_liquid2.jpg


cam-paign, which includes detailed copy on each can and the mobile texting program, is centered on the premise that to get the job done right you need “a wrench for every job.” Says Martin, “This A Wrench for Every Job position became the core message for everything from the logo and slogan to the advertising campaign. DIYers and consumers will see a new Liquid Wrench logo featuring an 'expert' carrying a wrench to depict professionals and consumers who embody this extensive knowledge about home improvement projects.”

New Liquid Wrench packaging also plays off this idea by offering a special mobile text code, a first in the industry, according to the co. Consumers enter the can's code onto their mobile devices to receive instant advice while shopping. “No longer will consumers have to hunt to find a salesperson to answer their questions or guess which product will solve their problem,” Martin explains. “And, no longer will consumers mistakenly select Liquid Wrench versus an 'all-purpose' alternative.”

Starting this spring, all six products will appear on shelves individually and will cost about $5 each. Later this fall, a six-pack will become available, retailing for approximately $20.


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