Louisiana Food Company launches new labels

March 11, 2015

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Louisiana Food Company launches new labels
Louisiana Food Co. is releasing new product labels


Louisiana Food Co. is releasing new product labels

Louisiana Food Co., a purveyor of "Certified" Louisiana specialty food products, has revealed the new labels for each of its packaged dry products and coffee products. The new labels were designed to maximize the impact of the company's recently announced "paper can" packaging.


"A wall of color and 'movement' will greet shoppers, as they pass by our store displays," said David Loflin, LUSI's President. "We are absolutely convinced that the distinctive artwork that highlights our labels will draw shoppers' interest, that shoppers will try them and that the great flavors inside will make them buy again. In addition to the stunning label art, we include a story inspired by the history, the culture and the people of South Louisiana," adds Loflin. 

The label from LUSI's Bon Temps Louisiana Fry product provides an example of such a story:


"It was the exuberant crescendo of a bold new sound that reverberated from New Orleans during the first decade of the 20th Century. Some 200 years of robust cultural intertwining within America's Southern melting pot had yielded an exciting, uniquely American music form... JAZZ! This music perfectly embodied the good times, les bon temps, of New Orleans. And, as these vibrant new progressions found their way across Lake Pontchartrain and onward to the great cities of the North, this music, this Jazz, showed itself also to embody the American passion for the good times and the celebration of life. When celebrating your own good times, those bon temps that make life... well, life... the distinctively satisfying flavor of our Bon Temps Louisiana Fry will assure that you always savor those good times South Louisiana style!"


Source: Louisiana Food Co.


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