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A LuxePack preview of five packaging innovations

A LuxePack preview of five packaging innovations
RockTenn’s patent-pending More2C folding carton.

Promoted as “the premier show for creative packaging” and appearing periodically at various venues globally, LuxePack represents the crème de la crème of materials, containers and components. The event, which centers on upscale packaging, is appearing stateside May 14-15 in New York City.

Five innovations from the extensive preshow catalogue caught my attention as a packaging editor. Perhaps after you get a feel for this ultra-high-end of packaging, you’ll want more than this small sampling—feel free to peruse the entire catalog at your leisure found via the link at the end of this article.

I liked SniffSeal for olfactory-stimulating reasons: It provides brand managers with a unique brand-differentiating technique that draws consumers in through their powerful alluring sense of small. And, as a bonus, the seal maintains package integrity. Seems a logical option for high-end, if not other, enticingly fragrant products.
Brunaseals, Booth #A43

Sustainable luxury is the intent of the eco-friendly EPOPACK EMERALD series of jars and bottles made in green PET using 100 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) content polyester. It has the color of green tea bottles because that’s what the containers are made from. The company states that nearly 2,000 tons of post-consumer PET bottles are collected and recycled in Taiwan for this packaging.
Epopack, Booth #A64

Nissha PAX, completely unlike conventional molding products, employs decorated pulp molding using a process that decorates and molds simultaneously. More than 90 percent of Nissha PAX’s material is derived from nature, making it highly environmentally efficient. The material is suitable for packaging, cosmetic cases and promotion samples.
Nissha, Booth #B3

The tube shoulder is an area that has not been considered part of the traditional printable area of the tube…until now. The Penthouse Group’s breakthrough in-mold labeling process for tube shoulders gives designers more room to roam. Possible effects include holographic effects, floral patterns, or other intricate and colorful designs that will allow a brand owner’s product to stand out head and shoulders above the competition.
The Penthouse Group, Booth #B21

RockTenn’s patent-pending More2C folding carton (shown) design for the healthcare/pharmaceutical market features an integrated, retractable panel that pulls up from the rear of the carton, providing expanded billboard space to allow compliance with FDA regulations regarding labeling and dosing instructions while eliminating the need for additional information inserts. A larger display area on the carton also provides additional space for brand protection and promotional graphic features.
RockTenn, Booth #A5

To peruse the entire catalogue in a PDF format, click here.

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