Materials And Supplies

January 29, 2014

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Materials And Supplies

Pactiv 9000 Air-Paq® custom packaging features a series of independent air chambers that form a cushion. During inflation, air travels from one chamber to another through a series of patented, one-way check valves. If one section is punctured, the others remain inflated. Each air section and check valve is designed to withstand up to 500 lb of compression. Made from a PE barrier lamination, it can retain a minimum of 90 percent of its air for at least two years, over a temperature range of -4 to 140 deg F, the co. reports. The material comes in a variety of configurations, including envelopes, boxes, wraparound designs and more.

Pactiv Corp., 877/692-6163.
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Venting liner

Sure-2-Vent® is a high-performance, customizable venting cap liner family that allows gases to be vented through the liner while keeping liquids contained. A PE foam liner, it is perforated and then laminated to a fully faced Poro-Tex?-expanded Teflon? membrane. The liner is designed to work with single- and multichamber containers. The porous membrane is specifically designed to allow the escape of a high volume of gas while retaining liquid in the container, the co. says. It's suitable for a plethora of applications, including chemical products, cosmetics and others where gas buildup can force liquid from the container.

DeWAL Industries, Inc., 401/789-9736.
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Heat-shrinkable films

Offering 360-deg graphics, the co.'s PVC/PETG/OPS heat-shrinkable films can be gravure-printed in up to eight colors. By printing on the whole label instead of just the front or back, more room is provided for graphics and verbiage. The films can also be used as tamper-evident seals. They can be cut in a range of sizes to fit over closures of bottles, jars and other containers.

Ameri-Seal, Inc., 800/220-7981.
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Panel-free bottle

Simple Eloquence is a PET bottle that can be hot-filled without paneling. Formed using the co.'s proprietary Active Transverse Panel (ATP) technology, the bottle is available in a 15.2-oz size and looks like glass. It's blow-molded on standard equipment but enhanced through proprietary mold designs. The bottle is managed through the filling process by a proprietary bottle-handling system. It's filled at 185 deg, capped and sent through a cooling tunnel. Currently manufactured with the type of ribs commonly used in water bottles, a ribless design is expected later this year, the co. reports.

Graham Packaging Co., L.P.,
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Bubble pouches on roll

Pouches on a Roll are manufactured using 3/16 high-slip Durabubble stock. Available in a variety of standard and custom sizes ranging from 4351/2 in. to 24328 in., they can be perforated at any length and include taped flaps for secure closures. Depending on pouch size, the rolls can contain up to 500 pouches.

Polyair, 888/POLYAIR.
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Water-soluble film

M-3030 is a PVOH-based water-soluble film that's suitable for packaging powdered detergents. Specifically developed for use with chemically aggressive alkaline products, the film offers faster solubility and a lower price point than competitive films, the co. says. The film can handle alkaline products up to a pH of 14, including formulations containing sodium hydroxide. Available in thicknesses ranging from 1 to 2 mil and widths up to 54 in., its applications include laundry and dishwasher detergents.

MonoSol, LLC, 800/237-9552.
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Foam packaging

Instapak® GFlex® QS foam forms into a cushion in 30 sec and is specifically designed for use with a variety of product shapes and sizes. Said to have a faster demold capability than the original formulation of Instapak GFlex high-performance foam, it also forms into a removable cushion three times faster. GFlex QS can be dispensed by the SpeedyPacker? foam-in-bag system, the Instapacker? tabletop foam-in-bag system or the 900 Series hand-held packaging system. Once dispensed, the foam continues to expand and conforms to the shape of the product inside its case. It can also be dispensed into molds to form custom-fit protective cushions.

Sealed Air Corp., 800/638-0557.
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Beverage carriers

The co.'s 6Pak carriers are suitable for use with sports drinks and juices, among others. Convenient for consumers because of smooth finger holes that make carrying easy, the carriers facilitate clear placement of UPC labels on top, in an easy-to-find place. They're available in a variety of colors to match bottle labels and caps, and they can be applied manually or with automation.

PakTech-OPI, Inc., 541/461-5000.
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