Men's product inspires chic concept for women's shaving

Linda Casey

January 29, 2014

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Men's product inspires chic concept for women's shaving







Chicstix promises to rid women of the days of lathering up with messy shaving creams and gels.The packaged product is designed to be a faster, cleaner way to shave that moisturizes, lubricates and exfoliates, and it was inspired by the success of the also new-to-the-market Menskin Shavestick. 

Kaufman Container, which supplies the packaging, reports that women were borrowing their men's sticks with great results, and the creator of both lines, Scott Boyer, realized this market had also not been tapped. "There really were no decent female shaving products out there, so we took our men's line and adjusted it to become more suitable for women with different scents and packaging," says Boyer. "So far, the response has been great. Women are telling us their legs are smoother, the shave lasts longer, and they don't get the damage traditional foams and creams can cause."


It all started with the men's line a few years ago. According to Boyer, he knew a cleaner, faster method had to exist. "Men's grooming should be hassle-free. I wanted more benefit, less mess, and a product more in line with the 21st century man and today's sculpting patterns," says Boyer. The Menskin Shavestick was the answer, providing a cleaner, easier and more travel-friendly product while exfoliating, firming and promoting healthy looking skin. 

The desired packaging appearance for the Menskin Shavestick was modern and upscale to keep in line with the brand's identity. The formulation was sophisticated, and the components needed to be functional and compatible, while still remaining attractive. The propel-repel package was a first of its kind in this market and also needed to be small enough to meet TSA requirements for travel. This particular package was chosen because of the wide surface area that meets with the face, as well as the high-end sleek look that is portrayed when the label is applied. Kaufman Container worked with Menskin to provide the components, which were all stock, as well as apply the labels to the containers. Boyer, says he chose Kaufman Container based on its "ability to not only find the right package, but also to apply the labels as well, giving me one place for all my needs. It was easy and efficient and I ended up with exactly what I was looking for in the end." 





The Menskin Shavestick line-originally launched with three SKUs but has since added two new fragrances because of the favorable customer response-is available in Ice, Vigor, Citron, Platinum and Stealth. The one-step process speeds up the shaving routine and is totally transportable, not to mention eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and paraben-free. 

While similar in concept, the packaging for the Chicstix is quite different to appeal to women and provide the necessary application. A wide, oversized component that was easy to use in a wet environment was required, and Boyer and his crew came back to Kaufman Container to find the right package. While Kaufman Container offered a variety of choices, a 90-g deodorant-style unit with a domed finish was chosen.


Ease of filling was essential, meaning the component needed to be compatible with the formulation. It was also important that the container be eco-friendly and allowed less waste. Boyer went for a stock component that was recyclable and long-lasting due to larger capacity of the container and formulation that wasn't easily used up, resulting in fewer units filling up the landfills. 

Eye-catching labels were applied for the finishing touch to appeal to feminine, young-at-heart clientele. The Chicstix Shaving Wands are available in six scents including Pomegranate, Island Breeze, Lavender, Baby Powder, Sweet Mango and Unscented-with a fun female persona to match. 

With both products, the consumer supplies the water. This means the product lasts much longer and is, in turn, more eco- and budget-friendly than products with higher water content. The packaging for both lines also was designed in size and shape to be travel friendly and follow airport guidelines.



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