David Bellm

January 29, 2014

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Metal detector
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Heat and control

Heat and Control's CEIA THS21 metal detectors dramaticallyreduce waste and downtime resulting from false reject signals, says thecompany. The system is said to be well-suited to inspection of intenseproduct-effect foods, such as deli meats, ham, and fresh poultry. The company'sPatent-pending CEIA metal detection technology is designed to deliver thehighest sensitivity to all  magnetic andnon-magnetic metals. The THS21 detector continuously tests and recalibratesitself to maintain maximum stability and performance. CEIA's Auto-Learn systemselects, displays, and stores the optimal sensitivity settings for up to 500products, to aid in preventing changeover guesswork and inspection errors. Bluetoothconnectivity eliminates the need to access the detector's interior for programmingand data collection. Ethernet connection is also available.


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