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Multivac packaging machines to produce Snapsil easy-opening portion packs

Multivac packaging machines to produce Snapsil easy-opening portion packs




Multivac and the Snapsil Corp. have recently struck a cooperation agreement for the use of the patented Snapsil easy-opening packaging concept on Multivac thermoforming packaging machines. Packagers gain access to Snapsil's innovative packaging expertise and to Multivac's extensive sales and service network.


The Snapsil Corp. specializes in the development of innovative packaging solutions. Snapsil has brought to the market a unique, patented easy opening solution for portion packs, which enables users of this system to offer consumers a high degree of added benefit and to differentiate their product at the point of sale. Snapsil's patented "snap-opening" function, allows consumers to open the portion pack with just one hand. The dispenser opening can be matched to the particular pack content. This means that consumers can dispense the product in a simple and controlled way. Snapsil also reduces the problem of product wastage, since product residue in the pack is avoided due to its shape.


Snapsil is suitable for many different applications, in particular for branded products in the sectors of food, beverage, personal care and life science, as well as for industrial, household and garden products.


Snapsil portion packs can be produced on Multivac's thermoforming packaging machines. The "snap-opening" function is integrated in the lower web of the thermoformed pack. There is no requirement for any type of perforation of the film in the opening area of the portion pack, and this serves the unrestricted barrier properties of the pack.

The use of Multivac's thermoforming packaging technology in the production of Snapsil packs enables this innovation to be launched onto the market quickly and easily.


The cooperation with Multivac has the advantage that customers, who already have a Multivac thermoforming packaging machine, can implement the Snapsil packaging concept immediately.


Snapsil has been tested by the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) in the U.S. and i rated highly for its "Ease of Use."


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