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New easy-open packaging option pops up

New easy-open packaging option pops up
PopPack provides a fast, easy, intuitive way of opening a variety of packages.

Billed as one way to alleviating wrap rage, PopPack creates an air bubble in the seal of a flexible or semi-rigid package. Popping the bubble ruptures the seal, separating the layers, so users of any age and dexterity can then easily and quickly peel open the package.

Created by PopPack LLC, the patented “Bubble-in-the-seal” technology works with packaging reclosure systems, such as zippers and sliders, so packages can be reclosed after opening to keep product fresh. Ergonomic, intuitive and frustration free, PopPack works with several packaging formats—such as pouches, sachets and blister packs—making it suitable for foods, healthcare products, and household and other consumer goods.

When pressed, the tactile bubble produces a “popping” sound, giving consumers multiple sensory cues to assure them of the product’s safety and freshness.

Go to page 2 to see a prototype of PopPack.

The company collaborated with a number of packaging suppliers to develop PopPack, including Mitsubishi Plastics, Kawashima Packaging Machinery Co., Oji Packaging Innovation Center, J-Film and Tokyo Foods Packaging Machinery Co./Multivac. The technology is being commercialized worldwide through licenses by converters and brand owners, and recently won first place for the “Best Idea in the OpenUp Challenge,” an idea exchange platform organized by Packbridge to help solve packaging challenges through open innovation.

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