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January 20, 2015

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New foil wrap for Lipton tea bags brightens the day
Instead of having each tea bag individually wrapped in white, Lipton now has four group packs in its 100 count box. Shiny gold foil reflects the brand’s goal of brightening the customer’s day. Looks like gold bullion bars, making me feel rich with satisfaction. A short story along with high-quality pictures printed on the carton’s inside flap connects me to the product’s heritage.

As a long-time user of Lipton tea bags, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed when I opened the new packaging to brew my morning’s cuppa. The attention to detail shows that the packaging design team at Unilever understands the psyche of tea drinkers and delivered on key points. Does fresh matter? Yes! Do we believe we’ll have a better cup of tea because the four foil-wrapped packs keep 25 bags protected? Yes!

For some time now, the brand’s tagline has been “Brighten your day with Lipton tea.” Here’s one customer who can say that happened today.

Share in my experience through the photos above.

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